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The UA Student Support Centre

Igualdad de Oportunidades para Estudiantes con Discapacidad
Asesoramiento Psicológico, Psicopedagógico y Sexológico
Acción Social
Observatorio para la Igualdad de Oportunidades




Course of volunteering. The challenges of the voluntary action in the organisations

The days 6 and 7 October will give in the building Institutes Universitarioas - Classroom /1001 and 1002.

Term of registration, opened:

Guias Of adaptations curriculares

I support Students is an application for the processing of the adaptations curriculares managed by the Centre of Support to the Student (FALL), in this page put to your disposal three guides headed to the users of the application: students, centres and profesorado.

Application Adaptation Curricular

Already it is opened the term of application of adaptations curriculares. You have of two weeks to realise all the processings.



Student Support Centre (SSC)

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