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Factory of Development | 2ª Edition

Factory of Development is a complementary program to your academic training that realises of individual and personalised form. Through this program will be able to form part of a process of improvement of your personal and interpersonal competitions, that will allow you establish the bases and obtain tools for your academic and professional future.

Period of registration: Of 15 September to 15 October.

Alstom Spain offers 40 squares of practices with his program Alstom Talent Energy

Alstom Talent Energy Offers 40 squares of practices with a length of 12 months in the offices of the company in Madrid, Barcelona and Toledo that include an economic endowment of 800 %u20AC gross monthly inside the Program Gaia that gives the Univesidad of Alcalá. They require profiles of Industrial Engineering, Electrical, Mechanical, Computer, Telecommunication, Electronic, Mathematical and Physical, among others. Announcement until 10 September.

Talent at Work
The next 22 September in the University of Alicante. In a labour market like the current, are many the questions that concern you to the youngsters, one of the communities with greater number of unemployment. To give with these answers is necessary that know what look for the companies. Resolve these questions and contribute a practical vision of the current labour panorama is key to discover real opportunities.

Communication No Verbal for your processes of selection

On 4 October , of 10:00 to 11:30 we invite you to participate in this Workshop of Communication No Verbal that can apply in your processes of selection. We will enter, like novelty, the Morfopsicología.

It delivers Prizes PROMOTE 2016

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