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The 130 definite resources to find your employment

This guide is a compendio of resources that exist at present in the network and that facilitate us the task of the research of employment or of professional opportunities. The resources are practically boundless and, precisely thus, have recopilado the most interesting so that you, reader, can optimise the time and the resources if you find you in active research of employment.

"Moskito Wear", struggling against the Malaria from Alicante

We interview to Miguel Angel González Navarro and to Juan Antonio Ruiz Aranda,of Moskito Wear, company of functional clothes antimosquitos designed by ancient students of the UA, that joins fashion and technology Echo Friendly applied by nanotechnology.

10ª edition Undertakes your practices

Have until 15 June to opt to one of the 45 squares of practices of summer that will develop the months of July and August, in a schedule of complete day, with a stock exchange of help of 800%u20AC gross to the month.

The University of Alicante premières the cinematographic project %or201CGalería of shadows%or201D

The première will take place to the 19:30 hours in the Living room of Acts of the Faculty of Education. "Gallery of Shadows" is a new cinematographic project of own production that aúna emprendimiento, culture and technology.

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