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Digital Accessibility

UA Digital Accessibility Program

It is an initiative of  promotion, awareness and training in terms of digital accessibility and accessible technologies of the Vice-Rector for Students and Employment of the University of Alicante.

Our objective is break down digital barriers, create guidelines  for the elaboration of accessible digital content, advise and train the university community in the use of accessible technologies.              

Detect entrepreneurship opportunities through accessibility research, as well as as the creation of communication channels for its dissemination.

Guide to creating accessible electronic documents

Accessible digital documents

This guide is intended to be a support material for the creation of accessible electronic documents. Throughout the different sections are introduced the basic and universal concepts that digital documents must present to be accessible to all people.

Learn to create accessible documents



Laboratory Classroom of Accessible Technologies

It is an inclusive space in which to discover and experience accessible technologies and their importance as a tool for educational integration and innovation.

Consult the full list of 2018 training activities about accessibility.

Get to know Classroom & Laboratory