Presentation - Academic year 2020-21


Dear student,

I am glad to welcome you to the University of Alicante on this very unusual year. I would like you to know that we have put all our efforts into ensuring, no matter how this health crisis evolves,  that you can finish the year with the highest academic skills acquired.

Please, know that we are proud that you have chosen to study here, your second home from this moment on, because the name of the University of Alicante will remain forever linked to your future projection. 

Therefore, for the benefit of our future, we must contribute to making our university bigger and showing the talent, knowledge and good work made here thanks to our magnificent professionals that work with us every day. Our university host more than 3,000 staff members including both  teaching and research, and administration and services members; all of them at the service of research and quality of higher education, all at your service and at our society.

Belonging to the University of Alicante means entering a space that goes beyond the physical campus. It is a space designed to help you grow and live the challenge of learning with you. It is a fact that the university stage is the beginning of adulthood and for many of you, choosing to study a university degree has been one of the first big decisions ever. For this reason, it is an honour and, above all, a challenge for the University of Alicante to come along with you on this journey.

Nearly 6,000 of you are making your debut this year in our university, and many more, around 16,000 are still with us in this adventure of knowledge. Due to the exceptional circumstances derived from the coronavirus, we will not be able to celebrate our traditional welcome week with information booth and activities at the Main Library colonnade, one of the main meeting points on our campus. However, we will keep on showing you and demonstrating the excellent choice you have made by presenting online all the services that you have at your disposal.

Despite the fact that we are only partially present, I encourage you to turn this crisis into an opportunity to experience university life and to take advantage of it in every way by enjoying our cultural and sports programme as well as the endless opportunities for language training, conferences, lectures and seminars that are organised throughout the year, both related or unrelated to your areas of study. I am sure that this can be an ideal and essential complement to your education, from different approaches, with a wide list of experts, including international renowned authorities in their fields.

One of the University of Alicante distinctive features is our commitment to comprehensive training based on multiple intelligences and knowledge, on languages and internationalisation. Do not hesitate to immerse yourself in knowledge, to learn it with intensity. We are a university designed to teach people to think, to train people who dream and work for a better future that we must start to build now.

You are very welcome!