Adjustments - How to sign learning contracts

1. Overview

2. Student Support

2.1 Personal report

2.2 Adjustment proposal

2.3 Signing the learning contract

3. Implementing adjustments

4. Contact us online

1. Overview

As set out in the UA regulations on adjustments, UA students belonging to one of the groups specified in the regulations can apply for adjustments. Applications will be processed through UACloud’s Student Support app. UA centres will be responsible for managing applications. They must check that applicants belong to one or several of the groups and all required documents have been submitted. Then, the learning contract will be sent to the subject coordinators. Once they have signed it, it will be sent to the students for them to sign it as well. The subject teachers will be informed that the contract has been signed, as they are the ones who must implement the adjustments. If so required by the centre, the Tutorial Action Plan tutor will be notified of these contracts so they can ensure contract performance.


2. Student Support


Subject coordinators and teachers will be notified by email of all adjustment applications submitted by students.


Applications and learning contracts are managed via UACloud’s Student Support app.



Below you can see the home screen displaying each teacher’s learning contract, either as subject coordinator or as a teacher. The screen also shows the subject, the student and three buttons: “Informe personal” (Personal report), “Propuesta de adaptaciones” (Adjustment proposal) and “Ver y Firmar contrato de aprendizaje” (View and Sign learning contract).


2.1. Personal report

The “Informe personal” (Personal report) button allows teachers to view a personal report issued by the Student Support Centre for disabled students or students with specific needs for educational support.


2.2. Adjustment proposal

Curriculum adjustments are minor adaptations in the standard study programme, allowing students to gain all professional skills and academic contents within university degrees and enabling graduates to pursue their professional careers. Two kinds of adjustments are available: adjustments in the classroom and adjustments during tests (Article 6 of UA regulations on adjustments). 

You can click on the "Propuesta de adaptaciones" (Adjustment proposal) button to view the adjustment proposal of the contract. This drop-down section allows you to add any relevant comments.


Pantalla firma de contrato


 2.3. Signing the learning contract

The contract must be signed by the subject coordinator by clicking on the “Ver y Firmar el contrato de aprendizaje” button (View and Sign learning contract). Once it has been signed a tick symbol will be displayed next to “Firmado P” (Signed by the teacher). The student, who must also sign the contract, will be notified automatically.



3. Implementing adjustments

After the learning contract has been signed by the subject coordinator and the student, the subject teacher must contact the student to best implement the adjustment.


4. Contact us online

At the top of the app you will see a green toolbar with several options. Click on Online messages to contact the Student Support Centre for all queries or doubts.