Braille transcriptions at the UA

If you need Braille transcriptions, you have two options:

1. Transcribers from the Spanish Organisation of Blind People (ONCE)

The ONCE-Espíritu Santo Educational Resources Centre, from Alicante, transcribes documents into Braille on paper for the UA.

Thanks to their generous efforts, our students have access to textbooks and lecture notes provided by excellent teachers to ensure their blind or visually impaired students can take their subjects.

These professionals also transcribe exams. Confidentiality is absolutely guaranteed.

UA teachers who want to request Braille transcriptions of teaching materials or exams by ONCE professionals can contact:

Please note the following:

  • Documents should be sent in at least 15 days in advance, depending on how complex they are, as our workload is considerable and otherwise we might not meet the deadline.
  • You are advised to send in your documents in electronic format so that digitisation is not required. Formats should be as simple as possible.
  • Once transcribed into Braille, your documents will be sent to the specified post address.

The UA and all teachers must make sure that transcriptions are accurate and delivered on time so their teaching materials are available to students. ONCE is not legally bound to do so.

Students are part of the UA and, as set forth in a number of legal texts, the UA must secure the resources required for students to pursue studies there.

2 BLAT/TALP automatic transcriber

Another option is BLAT/TALP, an automatic transcriber available online and developed by Carles Sadurní Anguita (BLAT for Braille-ink transcriptions and TALP for ink-Braille transcriptions; both can transcribe mathematical texts too). This way, exams and other documents do not have to be transcribed by others. Users can do as many tests as they see fit and even keep some samples for students, which will allow them to find the best option for automatic transcription.

What should I do if students deliver Braille'n Speak-generated files?

You will usually get a txt file, which you can open using Word and others. You must click File / Options / Advanced, scroll to the General section and select the Confirm file format conversion on open check box.

Then, close and reopen the file as encoded text and select the MS-DOS encoding standard.