Text digitisation

Working at university without a computer to write texts and carry out other tasks is unthinkable nowadays.

The UA academic community can access a wide range of technological resources and get training in information and communications technology. The Virtual Campus, the UA website and UA classrooms, among many others, are also adapted to ICT.

ICT enables fast, flexible, smooth and multisensory access to information. Forward-looking teachers are aware that today's education does not simply involve taking notes – it involves dealing with information from a vast array of sources, such as lessons, books, articles, the Internet, libraries, TV, etc.

The UA has tools such as the Virtual Campus, but some documents are in paper format and typewritten, and this is an obstacle for visually handicapped students. Digitised texts are a solution, which requires scanners and OCR (optical character recognition) software.

The Student Support Centre has resources and volunteers to digitise texts. Currently there are two computers for the visually impaired in the Main Library, first floor, room 8. One of the computers has a scanner and OCR software (Omnipage), which are available to students needing to digitise texts.

Text by Domingo Martínez