Tablet PC

Tablet PCs, and also pen tablets or iPads, are another great choice with a vast array of built-in features.

These devices allow users to combine a touchscreen and a laptop. It is like writing with a pencil and a sheet of paper!

This way, students who cannot see the board or take their own notes will be able to see what is written or projected there.

The settings are simple and must only be adjusted the first time tablet PCs are used.

A computer and wireless connection are also needed so visually impaired students can get all the information in real time.

It will be easier if teachers use them from the beginning as tablet PCs, unlike pen tablets, have no impact on visual or motor coordination. These devices will not be the cup of tea of those too fond of writing on boards, but they will be perfect for teachers used to various information sources, PowerPoint slides, online information, PDF, Word or Excel files, among others, who are looking for increased flexibility and want to add their own notes to the materials.

At the UA, tablet PCs are currently used in IT courses.

Teachers of students with visual impairment or unable to take notes by themselves can borrow tablet PCs, digital pens and copy paper from the Student Support Centre.