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You are thinking of studying at the UA or a student of recent addition and...

Did you know that churn of University students is very high in our country and most starts for not going to class, for not studying enough and do not know how to organize and plan study time?

Those are the first keys that give rise to low yield and consequently to the abandonment of studies .

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We encourage you to know the different programs that you can access When you're student and recommend you follow our blog where you can find among others, articles on:

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  • We provide questionnaires of self-knowledge , so that you know what your habits are and where you can improve and the possibility to interview personally with one of the psychologists of the falls.
  • If do not have clear reasons why you study , see the choice of studies
  • Activities of the centres and faculties of the AU aimed at students of secondary school

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If you are a student with special educational needs, due to a disability or illness permanent or temporary

It is important to get to know us before you begin your studies. Request a personal interview with the technical support center to the student.