Psychological and Psychopedagogical Counselling

Who can use?

Students of the University of Alicante who are facing personal conflicts and feel distressed, anxious, depressed, discouraged, etc. Some of these difficulties are directly related to their studies, skills, aptitudes or vocation, whereas others are more general: emotional crises, family conflicts, eating behaviors or substance abuse, which can have an indirect impact on their academic performance.


What do we offer?

For problems concerning academic performance, the SSC tries to provide a comprehensive answer, with group and individual activities:

  • Advice to improve learning processes.
  • Vocational counseling.
  • Workshops on study techniques.
  • Workshops to help face exams.

For general problems, our answer is also general:

  • Students can attend individual appointments.
  • The problem is assessed.
  • Students are advised on how to change their way of thinking, behaving and socializing.
  • They also receive advice on specialized centres or professionals.


  • To offer support, services and activities to optimize student development and adaptation throughout their university studies.
  • To provide support and improvement tools, strategies and techniques so UA students can meet their academic goals.
  • To help and promote research into issues related to psychological and psychopedagogical counseling in higher education.

 How can I access?

We offer individual, group and online appointments.

Appointments are requested through Student Support, UACloud. Then, please fill in your personal details and the request form, depending on your problem (personal history, study habits, nerves when facing exams, etc.), on UACloud Student Support.

You can also receive support from other students on social networks by joining our private group for SSC students (you need an invitation from the SSC psychologists and your UA email address).

Related activities

We sometimes take part in activities held by various faculties or services, such as:

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UAyuda, a blog by the SSC with a wide range of articles, such as:

  • lecturers' advice on how to prepare for subjects,
  • documents on study techniques,
  • exam fear,
  • eating disorders, alcohol,
  • family conflicts, etc.

University Student Statutes

University of Alicante Student Guide

Support material for the COVID-19 of the AESPPU network of Psychological and Psychopedagogical Services of the Spanish Universities.