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  • Represent the magnetic field of the coil versus the tangent of the deviation angle and adjust the points to a straight line. Download this spreadsheet, like that shown in Figure 7, which will help you with the representation.
Figure 7. Image of the spreadsheet
  • The slope of the line is equal to the Earth's magnetic field, as can be deduced from the diagram in Figure 8.

Figure 8. Relative orientation between the magnetic field vectors
  • Compare the result with the expected value ( T).

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represents the horizontal component of Earth's magnetic field in Alicante ( T). This data, however, corresponds to clear places and inside the buildings the effect of the metal structure and masses of iron can modify the field in value and direction. In order to perform this practice the disposal of the coil in the laboratory has been selected to avoid the influence of the metal legs of the lab tables, and the proximity of appliances that can modify the Earth's magnetic field

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