Assistive technology

What are they?

Support products, also known as technical aids, are products that allow for certain actions that would be very difficult or even impossible for the individual alone. This way, users with difficulties when using a part of their body damaged, lost or not working properly can be assisted by technology.

Screen reader

It is an application for computers and mobile devices that interprets and reads (with a voice system) everything that happens on the screen to allow access to blind people.

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Screen magnifier

It is an application for computers and mobile devices that enlarges screens and applies visual improvements to allow access by people with low vision.

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Assisted listening systems

They are devices that increase and improve sound to understand the voice in particular daily situations to allow people with hearing impairments to hear.

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With this process we turn information from different materials into accessible formats such as PDF, Word, etc.

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Touch screen 

Discover how a person with low vision can see the blackboard and other materials

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