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Touch screen

A touch monitor can do the function of a digital whiteboard. You can write on the monitor as if it were a blackboard with your finger or a pointer.

Our blackboard has Android Operating System but it can be connected to any device with Windows or whatever is needed.

It is ideal for students with vision problems. With this option students can follow what happens on the board through their laptop or tablet through desktop sharing software such as TeamViewer.

Once the class is finished, the teacher can save all the information.

There are several sizes (55', 65' and 82 ') and brands. It can be fixed to the wall or it can be used with a wheel support to move from one class to the other.



PC Tablet

In some occasions, it is not convenient to use the blackboard or the teachers prefer to use a Tablet PC that can act as a touch monitor.

In this case, the Tablet PC can be connected to any video projector in the classroom and everything that the teacher writes will be seen in the computers of the students who are connected and the other students will keep up with the class thanks to the video-projector.

There are many brands: HP, Thosiba, etc., but currently the best quality/price ratio are the Microsoft Surface Pro that comes with pointer, if you also want a keyboard and a mouse you must purchase them.

There are also Android tablets, cheaper options, but their screen size is smaller and teachers do not feel comfortable writing on such small screens. Therefore, it is a matter of taste.



Portable electronic magnifier - Transform HD

This portable tele-loupe magnifier incorporates wifi and OCR. It allows you to see what you write on the traditional blackboard and alternatively a text or book that the student has in his desk. It is the device that ONCE currently provides to its members