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This year's "Oscar" for inventors has been contributed by the University of Alicante

Alicante, 14 December 2010

The Diesel Medal, a prestigious distinction usually considered the "Oscar" of the inventors, has been awarded this year to the European Patent Academy and its activities in this field. One of the most prominent is done in conjunction with the University of Alicante, in particular with UAPIT, its portal on intellectual property

This activity, called IP Calendar, is the most comprehensive and extensiveevents calendar on patents in the world. Its development under the name UAIPIT Eventex Project has been possible thanks to the agreement between the UA and the European Patent Academy, an organization belonging to the European Patent Office, which is part not only of the European Union countries but others on the continent that are not members.

Lydia Esteve, lecturer in International Law and Director of the UAIPIT, explains that this schedule actually works as a portal of patent-conference meetings, inventors fairs, courses ... - worldwide. Any organizer of such activity facilitates the information portal and thus make public the event internationally. Software and pharmaceutical products are some of the most frequently represented in these events. "Businesses, organizations and institutions dealing with patents is used as a reflection of global trends at all times," says Lydia Esteve.

UAPIT is an international legal portal specialized in industrial property law and intellectual and legal aspects of the Information Society. It is led by lecturers in the area of Private International Law of the UA. Today, it is part of the University of Alicante's General Foundation. UAIPIT is one of the most visited portals in the world and has become a daily and indispensable work tool for students, researchers, professionals and entrepreneurs related to the world of intellectual property and the Information Society.

The Diesel Medal has been awarded by the European Patent Academy Award for Best innovation by promoting their initiatives, of which the calendar is one of the most prominent, and with which its broad activity is recognized in the theoretical and practical training on patents within and outside Europe.

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