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The University of Alicante granted the First Jane Goodall Prize for Conservation Biology and Environmental Ethics 2010 to conservationist Jesus Garzón Heydt

Jesus Garzon

Alicante, 30 November 2010

The University of Alicante‘s Jane Goodall Chair released last night the name of the winner of the First Jane Goodall Award of Conservation Biology and Environmental Ethics 2010 which has been given to Jesus Garzón Heydt conservation.

According to the director of the Chair, Germain López Iborra, University of Alicante, in agreement with the Jane Goodall Institute Spain, decided to create this award to recognize the work of individuals or institutions that have made significant contributions to environmental conservation and sustainable development anywhere in the world, which in turn contribute to the development of environmental ethics in society.

With this objective in awarding the prize to Jesus Garzón Heydt for his continued trajectory, continuously since his youth to the present, for defending the environmental and cultural values of both the Iberian Peninsula and in many regions of Latin America, Africa and Eastern Europe.

The organization has sought to highlight the winner’s “personal effort and commitment to safeguard the natural and cultural heritage of our country through the proper management of environmental resources for sustainable social and economic development." Garzón, since 1970, has contributed to the founding of numerous environmental associations, pioneers in the awareness of society to the conservation of our natural assets, has launched new models for conservation based on sustainable development and has been driving the principles of land stewardship, promoting the purchase and leasing of the most valuable sites to prevent degradation, the exception being a popularizer of natural values of Spain to national and international level.

Tens of thousands of people have learned from his books, articles, lectures and keynote speeches on the natural value of the Iberian Peninsula and the importance of respecting nature and the traditional activities sustaining it. Unconditional contributor with all those people, international conservation organizations and scientific institutions that pushed our society to conservation –as Félix Rodríguez de la Fuente, the International Union for the Conservation of Nature, the Doñana Biological Station- or directly advising, criticizing and reporting on his knowledge to the main executors for the conservation from the various national and regional governments.

This tireless work in both research and conservation awareness has led him to be a pioneer in the struggle for the defense of rural culture as a core activity for the conservation of biodiversity, native species and traditional landscapes.

Jesus Garzon Jesus has not only made contributions to environmental conservation, endangered species, the recovery of traditional land uses for compatibility with biodiversity and ecosystem functions internationally, but his life story reflects a strong ethical and exemplary commitment to the human being and nature.

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