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The UA contributes to the creation of a new Jane Goodall Institute Spain's Biological Station in the south of Senegal

The Executive Director of IJG Spain, Federico Bogdanowicz, and Laia Dotras, primatologist, will teach a course on biology and the preservation of chimpanzees

Images of the Biological Station "Fouta Jallon" 


Former student at the UA, Neus Estela, working at the Biological Station 



Alicante, 25th April 2013


In order to explain the biological and anatomical features, the reintroduction of species, behaviour and ecological importance of chimpanzees, among other things, tomorrow, Friday, 25th April, the Executive Director of the Jane Goodall Institute Spain (IJGE), Federico Bogdanowicz, and Laia Dotras, primatologist at the Institute with experience in Africa, will teach the 1st IJG Course on Primatology: Biology, Ethology and Conservation

 Within the programme, that will be launched tomorrow at 8:45 am, at the Graduation Hall Alfredo Orts, located in the UA Optics Building, Federico Bogdanowicz will visit the secondary education centre IES Canastell of San Vicente del Raspeig 10.30 am to explain to students and children with special educational needs the behaviour and features of these animals as well as to disseminate the Roots & Shoots Educational Programme. Finally, on Saturday, 27th April, students enrolled in the course may take a practical at a zoo with different species of primates.

 Framed within the UA Jane Goodall Chair, the first edition of the IJG Primatology Course is intended for students of biology, psychology, and all the public at large, interested in a deeper understanding of this fascinating group of animals. The benefits of the course will be used for conservation projects of the Jane Goodall Institute in Africa.

 One of the latest projects by the IJGE in collaboration with the University of Alicante, has been the creation of the Biological Station Jallon Fouta in Dindefelo, south of Senegal, near the border with Guinea Conakry. It is a strategic border area that has the last stronghold of chimpanzees in which courses are being organized also in the field of research and conservation of primates. The head of the Department of the African Great Ape Conservation Education and Public Awareness Programme of the same station is Neus Wake, the first UA student who was awarded a scholarship by the Jane Goodall Chair to Senegal.

  Curricula vitae:

 Federico Bogdanowicz, Master in Anthropology and Primatology from the University of Barcelona. Vice President and Executive Director of Jane Goodall Institute since 2007. He has provided workshops, lectures and conferences on primatology and conservation in various universities and educational centres on primate rescue in Spain, including the First Symposium of Conservation and IJG Primatology at the Autonomous University of Barcelona in 2012. He participated in the 2nd Council Meeting of GRASP (Great Ape Survival Partnership) at Unesco-Paris in 2012. He has also collaborated in situ and ex situ in the IJG research, education and conservation projects in Senegal, Congo, Tanzania and Uganda.

 Laia Dotras, Master in Biology and Primatology at the University of Barcelona. Member of the Jane Goodall Institute Spain’s Board and Education Officer thereof. She has worked on projects for the rehabilitation and conservation of chimpanzees in Sierra Leone and the Democratic Republic of Congo. She is currently working with the Lwiro Centre for Primate Rehabilitation in DR Congo. She has lectured on primatology across the country, including the IJG Symposium on Conservation and Primatology at the Autonomuos University of Barcelona in 2012. She has also participated in some PASA conferences on primate conservation education (Pan African Sanctuaries Alliance) in England, South Africa and Uganda. 




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