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The delivery of the 3rd IMPULSO Awards certifies the UA commitment for research, innovation and internationalization

Group photo with the UA President and the Vice President for Research, Development and Innovation, in charge of the awards and the winners with their diplomas

Palomar chats with Juan María Vázquez Rojas, on the left and left to right, Carlos Castillo, Joaquín Marhuenda, Francisco Gómez Andreu, Amparo Navarro and Tonia Salinas Miralles



Alicante, 18 December 2013

"Swarm of drones for monitoring applications and environmental monitoring", "Software for the interpretation of the vision of people with impaired colour vision”,"Cultivation of plant cells in bioreactors: biofactories for obtaining Industrial bioactive natural compounds","IMALABS" and "GOPRO: preparation of graphene-based application for conductive inks and coatings surface products”. These are the five IMPULSO Award winning projects on the categories of Ideas and Technology-Based Business Projects have been unveiled this morning by Marhuenda Joaquin, director of the Alicante Science Park and secretary of the panel, in the awarding ceremony that has taken place at the University of Alicante.

The IMPULSO Programme is an initiative promoted by the UA, through its Office for Research, Development and Innovation and the Alicante Science Park. They aim to recognize the best ideas and technology-based projects created and developed by members of the university community, committing to innovation and knowledge transfer, and thus, getting to know and promoting the entrepreneurial culture among the university community, especially among their research groups.


The third edition of these Awards has handed out five prizes, with their corresponding economic endowment, which in this case amounted to 1,000 euros for each of the first two winning projects in the category of Idea and a contribution of 4,500 euros for each the last three in the category of Technology-based Business Projects. The announcement was published in the Official Bulletin of the University of Alicante (BOUA) on 18th June, 2013. The panel, made up by its chairwoman, Amparo Navarro Faure (Vice President for Research, Development and Innovation), and boardmembers Carlos Castillo, (Alicante city councillor for Employment), Francisco Gómez Andreu, (Chairman of the Social Council, and the Director of the Science Park at the Miguel Hernández University, Tonia Salinas Miralles, deliberated and voted at a meeting dated on 21 October, 2013 . The resolution from the UA President’s Office was published on 30 September.


The five awards 2013

The innovative character, the degree of development and the ability of the team to develop the idea are the three criteria that the jury took into account for the assessment of nominations in both categories. Furthermore, in the case of business projects, they have considered the potential for growth and the economic and financial feasibility of the project and their possible connection to the Alicante Science Park. Eleven ideas and four projects on technology-based business creation have been submitted to the 2013 call.


IDEA category

The idea of "Swarm of Drones for monitoring applications and environmental monitoring " is using swarm robotics in real applications in large, dangerous or inaccessible pieces of land. They are able to use low cost drones in monitoring and surveillance services, in tasks relating to the environment, for example, detection of pollutants, monitoring of biomass and forest surveillance. The research team is composed by Mireia Sempere Tortosa, Francisco Antonio Pujol López, María José Pujol López and Mar Pujol López. Professor and researcher Fidel Aznar Gregori received the award from Francisco Gómez Andreu, chairman of the University of Alicante’s Social Council

The entitled "Software Project for the interpretation of the vision of people with impaired colour vision" has as it main aim the research focused on the changes in colour vision. The developed technology allows us both to detect colour blindness and to simulate the confusion of colours suffered by people with this genetic alteration. Pablo Acevedo Noda and María José Luque Cobija are part of the research group. Dolores Fez Saiz collected the award from Tonia Miralles Salinas, director of the Scientific Park of the University Miguel Hernández.



"Cultivation of plant cells in bioreactors: biofactories for obtaining bioactive natural compounds of industrial interest". This business project pursues the production and marketing of a range of bioactive natural compounds of high added value. It is of commercial interest for different industries such as cosmetic, dermatological , pharmaceutical, nutraceutical , food additives and functional foods. Roque Bru Martínez collected the award from Carlos Castillo Márquez, Alicante city councillor for employment. Part of the research group are Ascension Martinez Marquez and Juan José Montesinos Azorin .

"IMALABS" is projected as a service business idea for smartphones that is applied in information retrieval from images. The image search services they developed are adapted to the databases of companies so that they can have image custom search engine. Antonio Javier Gallego Sánchez is part of the research group. Antonio Pertusa Ibáñez.collected the award handed out by Juan María Vázquez Rojas , Director General of Scientific and Technical Research from the Ministry of Research, Development and Innovation.

"GOPRO: graphene-based preparation for Application in Conductive Inks and coatings surface products". The goal in this business project is to market products based on graphene oxide for their use in conductive inks and conductive polymer coatings, among others. These applications are of great interest in today's graphene market. Juan Antonio Conesa Ferrer, Iluminada Rodríguez Pastor, Gloria Ramos Fernández, Helena Varela Rizo and José Manuel Ramos Fernández participate in this project. Manuel Palomar Sanz, UA President, delivers this last award to Ignacio Martín Gullón.

The ceremony has been held today at the Germán Bernácer building’s Assembly Hall of the University of Alicante.


Author of the photos: Roberto Ruíz de Zárate (FGUA Image Workshop).



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