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The UA Governing Council approves the budgets that will affect the funding of students, internationalization and talent attraction

Unanimously adopted the 2nd Gender Equality Plan and support to the proposal of the University President of "demanding scientific and academic guarantees for the creation of private universities"

Alicante, 17  December, 2013

The Governing Council of the University of Alicante has reported unanimously in favour of the Draft Budget of the institution for 2014, amounting to nearly €174 million, 0.9 % less than the previous year. The next step is the approval by the Social Council, whose plenary meeting will take place on Friday, 20 December, at 12:30 pm.

Despite the financial downturn, the governing board bet on their project "by continuing to support students and internationalization, maintaining the provision of different grants and scholarships (either on tuition fees, mobility, emergency or on doctoral studies, etc) which were already doubled in the previous budget, "as reported by the Vice President for Economic Planning, Monica Marti. A novelty in this regard is the launch of two new institutional programmes aimed at attracting young scientific talent. The objective of these programmes "is to support and promote research and innovation, severely affected by the decline in funding from other administrations", Monica Marti says.

To achieve this, we will keep on with the measures aimed at cost containment. According to the Vice President, "a reduction of the current expenditure is envisaged due to the saving and rationalization measures. Also, a decrease in financial expenses is foreseen by both lower interest rates and the estimation of lower liquidity problems, as well as by a more effective and efficient management of it”. Moreover, Marti explains "that we have also reduced operating costs for all the university centres in the same percentage as it has been reduced in the ordinary transfers from the Valencian government , as well as those aimed at some institutional programmes".

This budget decrease of 1.6 million euros, should be added to that experienced since 2009, which shows a budget reduction of €27 million in this period. In this regard, much of the loss of purchasing power is caused by the lowering of the subsidy assigned to the Draft Budget from the Valencian government, around half a million euros from the previous year. In this sense, the Vice President insists on the breach, once again, of the the Multi-Year Funding Plan 2010-17 as well as of the agreement signed with the Valencian public universities to pay the historical debt, which - in the case of UA- amounts to €142.5 million.

 2nd Equality Gender Plan

Another point on the agenda was the approval, also unanimously, of the 2nd Plan for Equal Opportunities between the University of Alicante’s Women and Men 2014-2016 (PIUA),  a proposal from the Gender Equality Unit. For its development, the working group of the Gender Equality Committee has started from the results of the first plan, of which over 70% of the actions have already been carried out, and the maximum participation of the different groups within the university community has been encouraged. The new document adapts to the new regulations in force, the Science Act, the University Statute and the Students Statute.

The Plan, as explained by the University President's delegate for Gender Equality Policies, María José Rodríguez Jaume, maintains the seven pillars of the previous one, establishes a total of 16 goals and about 70 actions. According to Rodriguez Jaume, "the objectives focus on three key aspects that go through greater visibility and awareness of the commitment against violence, greater integration of students in these actions and the development of a corporate responsibility for equality”.

One of the special features of the Plan is the inclusion of promoting equality and gender in sports and physical activities. According to Rodríguez Jaume, the recreational and social aspect implied by sport training "may turn into an incentive for the development and promotion of other actions of the general plan”.

On the other hand, with a view to the upcoming meeting with the Valencian Council for Universities and Higher Education, which will be held on 19th December, the University of Alicante’s Governing Council has unanimously endorsed the proposal of the University President, Manuel Palomar, "of demanding scientific and academic guarantees for the creation of private universities". Specifically, at the meeting scheduled on Thursday, the proposal of recognition of San Antonio Catholic University of Alicante, located in Sant Joan, is envisaged on the agenda.


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