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The computing multinational corporations NVIDIA recognises the University of Alicante as a research centre


Alicante, 11 December 2013

The University of Alicante will act as a research centre for the leading multinational corporation NVIDIA on visual computing technologies, world renowned for its graphics cards used in PCs and mobile devices. Specifically, the UA will do research in CUDA the parallel computing architecture of this company, which uses the high power of the GPU (graphics processing unit) to provide an extraordinary increase in system performance.

This "CUDA Research Center" is directed by the UA lecturer José García Rodríguez , from Computing Technology and researcher at the Institute of Information Technology. This lecturer states that this accreditation "is a recognition of the research work carried out in the Polytechnic School in the field of high performance computing”.

The University of Alicante (UA) has extensive experience in high performance computing and several of its research groups are now working on algorithms acceleration in different fields such as mathematics, physics, chemistry, computer vision, robotics, computational intelligence and many others. The Computing Research Institute has a high-performance multi-nodes computer system available to all research groups.

In the past five years, the group lead by lecturer Garcia has conducted several research works on computational intelligence methods, computational chemistry, computer vision and GPU algorithm design, and more recently, in the design and discovery of novel drugs.

The University of Alicante was already a CUDA teaching centre since 2011. In the past four years, CUDA technology has been included in the curricula of most study programmes of the Polytechnic School. Also, more than 10 workshops and courses on CUDA programming have been developed at the high-performance laboratory equipped with the donation of NVIDIA.


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