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The University of Alicante creates a new Scientific Journal [I²]: Innovation & Research in Architecture and Urban Planning

Revista_cientificaAlicante, 19th February 2013

The University of Alicante's Department of Graphic Expression has just created the Scientific Journal[I ²]: Research and Innovation in Architecture and Urban Planning. The publication will be released in digital format, every six months with open access. Therefore, the magazine and its website will pursue the generation and dissemination of open scientific knowledge through the Internet and thus, establish knowledge networking increasingly large and complex. [I ²] was created with to be a platform for the dissemination of the most advanced research contents on architecture and territory, with the aim of creating links and establishing relationships between the institutions and the individuals who do research in these areas, whether universities, institutes, departments, lecturers, researchers, PhD candidates or students.

[I ²] combines three fields of knowledge, that is, Graphic Expression, Architecture Composition and Architectural Projects, so the coverage of contents will be as plural and open as the interests in those areas within the scope of research and innovation.

Until 15th April, the deadline is open for the submission of scientific papers for the digital journal [I ²]. Each issue of the journal will contain a total of ten scientific articles. The vehicular language for the articles will be English and Spanish, without translation and always genuine and  unpublished. The articles will be peer-reviewed for evaluation and final selection. Those responsible for[I ²] are committed to actively working for being indexed in the largest possible number of impact indexes. The requirement to be eligble to being indexed in the impact factors is that three papers from each issue of [I ²] will be the works written by lecturers and researchers of the UA and the remaining seven will be written by international researchers.

The upcoming launch of this new journal has been widespread in Europe, South America, China and the English-speaking world. The Editorial Board is made up by researchers in the Department of Architectural Design, Graphic Expression in Engineering and Architectural Composition and the Scientific Council is made up by lecturers and researchers from Spain and some European countries, Asia and America.







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