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The UA assesses its healthy assets with ambitious cross-curricular multidisciplinary actions

The actions start on Monday with the inauguration with its Food and Nutrition Centre for the university members


Alicante, 28th February 2013 

In order to take advantage of the assets intrinsic to the campus regarding health and environmental excellence, the University of Alicante launches the project Universidad Saludable (Healthy University), intended to turn the  university campus into an ideal place to generate and promote a healthy lifestyle.

It is a cross-curricular multidisciplinary institutional project open to the entire university community, which is coordinated by the UA Healthcare Centre, assigned to the Office of the Vice President for Campus Sustainability,  presided over by Rafael Muñoz, in collaboration with the Faculty of Health Sciences.

Thus, an activity programme jointly with early diagnosis and preventive actions, with some others derived from scientific culture, will be implemented to allow us to take advantage of everything that generates or may generate  health and promote the quality of both work and personal life. The goal, as the Vice President states  "is to make the most of our assets on health and environmental quality so that we can internalize the concept of health from a broad open and participatory approach in the university community".

Actions programme

Promoting measures on sustainability, generating forums for analysis and reflection, encouraging participation in international programmes in health and occupational safety; identifying, planning and developing research lines on healthy environments are some of the actions that have already been started and will continue to raise awareness and be naturally assumed by the university community, all of them having accessibility and gender approach as keystones.

To this end, one of the first actions has been to map the health assets at the UA, both environmental and human groups, to proceed with an offer signaling our campus as a healthy and protected environment. The next step, according to the director of the Secretariat for Sustainability and Health, José Ramón Martínez Riera, is to implement an action programme to celebrate certain international days, designated by Unesco, which will mark out the project's progress.

Rafael Muñoz explains that an example of this is the International Heart Day, which  will serve to inaugurate the first on-campus defibrillation columns in Spain".

The World Day on bike, recycling, water environment, blood donors, hearing disabled, diabetes or on physical education for which several routes has already been designed within the campus, are some of the 33 landmarks scheduled with which the project will be complemented.

The philosophy behind the project is that health encompasses, or should cover all areas of life, from work to culture, going through the practice of sports, the protection of environment and the activities on community services and social responsibility. 

The project will start on Monday with the official opening of ALINUA, a food and nutrition centre which combines four basic objectives: the prevention of diet-related diseases, the implementation of healthy eating policies, research and specific studies on certain aspects affecting a relevant population sector (18 to 65 years) and traineships of graduate students in Nutrition and Dietetics at the UA.

One of the former steps of the project was the incorporation of the UA into the Spanish Network of Healthy Universities (REUS) last September.

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