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The UA becomes the first cardio protected campus in Spain

With the inauguration of the defibrillator stations during the European Day for the Prevention of Cardiovascular Risk

LogUniv_SaludableAlicante, 11th March 2013

The activities planned by the University of Alicante to celebrate the European Day for the Prevention of Cardiovascular Risk start with the signing of an agreement with the Spanish Society of Cardiology and the Spanish Heart Foundation and the subsequent opening of the defibrillator stations  on the campus. The event will begin next Wednesday, 13th March, as part of the Healthy University Project promoted by the Vice President for Campus Facilities and Sustainability

Some of the activities that will take place on that day include information on healthy food, checking of blood pressure, nutritional valuation and anthropometric study, prevention and treatment for tobacco consumption, healthy sport activities in the open air, intergenerational games and a workshop to discover where calories hide. The event will begin at 9.30 am in the Multimedia Hall of the University Council & Administration Building with the signature of the agreement and the symbolic opening of the project with the station located in the Main Library Building. 

The programme is an answer to the cooperation agreement signed with Telefónica last September to generalize the implementation of a Comprehensive Cardiovascular Care Service in different places throughout Spain. The purpose, as it has already been remarked, is to fight against sudden cardiac death, “an alteration that can only be reverted if there is a defibrillator near and the knowledge of how to use it”, explains the director of the Secretariat of Sustainability and Occupational Health of the UA, José Ramón Martínez Riera. With that aim, three stations for semiautomatic cardiac protection have been installed –one in the General Library, other station in the Faculty of Sciences and another one in the Faculty of Economic and Business Sciences–which together with the existing Prevention Service and the mobile equipment used by the security guards, make the University of Alicante the first fully cardiac protected campus in Spain. In addition, administration and service staff of the UA, as well as the security staff, have been trained to ensure that the staff is fully prepared to use defibrillators 24 hours a day.  


 Healthy habits

From 10 am to 6 pm, the different activities will take place, which, according to Martínez Riera, “will be held simultaneously in the two tents that will be set in the Corner of Poets (“Rincón de los Poetas”). There will be workshops organized by postgraduate students of the Faculty of Health Sciences and experts from the Prevention Service of the University, as well as sport activities in the open air directed by professors and experts related to the University”.  

Moreover, the Graduation Hall (“Salón de Grados”) of the Faculty of Health Sciences will host a talk for old people called “Make your heart work: healthy physical activity” (Pon en marcha a tu corazón: actividad física saludable), at 10.45 am, and a workshop to learn how to detect where calories are located, at 12.30 pm.

The event, open to all groups and ages, is aimed at making visible the necessity for prevention, but, as the director of the Secretariat affirms, “we don’t want it to be an isolated activity, but to achieve a continuity that helps us live healthier by making the most of our campus and its assets”.

Precisely, in order to continue with the initiative, one of the workshops that will be taught, will be focused on learning how to ride a bike, as a prelude to the International Bike Day next April 19th. It will take place at 12.00 pm in the access ramp to the campus enlargement.

Different services and centres of the UA have cooperated on the organisation of the event, such as the Faculty of Health Sciences, the Permanent University, the Prevention and Sport Services and three of the restaurants on the campus, which will offer until the end of the year heart-healthy menus, which will be perfectly identified. One euro from the price of those menus will be donated to the Red Cross’ Food Bank. 










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