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University of Alicante, healthy heart commitment

The first cardio protected campus in Spain has signed an agreement with the Spanish Society of Cardiology and the Spanish Heart Foundation.

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Alicante, 13th March 2013.


"In Europe, two of every three deaths are caused by cardiovascular disease and despite the advances in research, there is no accurate healing method. The best and most effective system of treatment is prevention". This has been the concise reply this morning by the president of the Spanish Heart Foundation, Dr. Leandro Plaza during the signing of the collaboration agreement, signed by three parties, with the Spanish Society of Cardiology (ESC) and the University of Alicante. The event served as a start to the activities organized within the framework of the Healthy University that promotes this academic institution, this time on the occasion of the European Day of Cardiovascular Risk Prevention.

 This agreement establishes a new line of work for the implementation of prevention and dissemination activities to promote healthy lifestyles. Dr. Plaza has suggested that one of the first actions should be to conduct a study of the university population habits because, apparently, there are paradoxes regarding risk measurement parameters that mark as diet patterns are not always successful. The event, held in the Multimedia Room of the University Administration & Council Building, was chaired by the president, Manuel Palomar who has contextualized the project activity within the Healthy University. "We have a great environment with a core value to promote the maximum guarantees of personal, social and work wellbeing," he said.

 After signing the agreement, the Vice President for Campus Facilities and Sustainability, Rafael Muñoz, has been in charge of presenting the cardio protected Campus, an initiative supported by Telefónica through which the UA has become the first university with heart protection facilities comprehensively all nationwide. Munoz explained "that three out of four cardiorespiratory stops can be solved if action is taken within the first five minutes. To do this, he has said, we need tools and training." So, this morning, the new semiautomatic defibrillation stations have been inaugurated, for which our own university staff have been trained in its use. Also, there is a mobile computer handled by the security staff and a fifth team, for professional management, installed in the premises of the Prevention Service, one of the top rated in quality surveys at the UA, as Manuel Palomar assured .

 After the inauguration, the institutional delegation, also integrated by the Vice Chairman of the FEC, José Luis Palma and the Dean of the Faculty of Health Sciences, Ana Laguna, visited the information stalls and were able to taste a sample of the various heart-friendly menus that are being offered today in the university restaurants. One euro of the prices of these menus will be donated to the Red Cross's Food Bank .


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