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Placement tests in a foreign language with important news at the UA

This year, the number of students registered in the tests has doubled

Alicante, May 3, 2013

On Friday, 3rd May, the placement test in foreign languages will start at the University of Alicante. It is a mandatory tests for UA students who will have to prove a knowledge equivalent to B1 for the achievement of their certificate, as established by the regulations on the new undergraduate studies at the UA. (Art.16.3). The Office of the Vice President for International Relations convenes and coordinates these tests, through the Advanced Language Centre (CSI) for English, German, French and Italian, with most of the options for English, reaching almost 90% of the students registered.

The registration in this edition has doubled, reaching 571 in total for all languages. A fee, set on €78.20 by the Valencian Government, should be paid to sit for the tests.

 New criteria

The Director of the Mobility Office has held several meetings with the Director and Coordinator of the CSI, lecturers of English and the staff of the Office in order to coordinate and establish new criteria favouring the accreditation of students with the maximum guarantees of rigour and efficiency.

 New this year, apart from the English B1 placement test (to be held on 3rd and 4th May), is B2 placement test (on 10th and 11th May). On the other hand, the evaluation will be modelled on the Cambridge PET. Those students sitting for B1 and rendered unfit but "reach an average grade from 5 to 5.9, will get the CEFR’s lower level than the one rendered, in this case A2". Similarly, students who sit for B2 "with an average grade between 5.0 to 5.9 will get the immediate lower level B1." A PASS is achieved with a 6 out of 10.

Also, new in this edition is outstanding recognition of the tests by ACLES network, of which, 51 Spanish universities, public and private are part, to which the Office of the Vice President for International Relations has officially partnered. This adhesion requires the examination centres to meet quality criteria and ensures that the certificates issued by the UA from now, should be recognized by all the universities that make up the network.

 Finally, this Office, along with the CSI, has agreed to increase from two to three the annual tests carried out by the UA to make the students’ access to these tests easier. Also, the tests performed by outside institutions on the UA Campus (like the British Council). Thus, the UA student has numerous calls throughout the year to sit.

Juan Llopis, Vice President for International Relations and José Belda, agree in emphasizing that "language is a growing need as many European universities are increasing the level of knowledge required up to B2 in Erasmus mobility programmes, even up to C1 to universities in the U.S. ". Also, they say, the Valencian Government has just released the "Order 17/2013, of 15th April, 2013", which regulates the language competence in Valencian and foreign languages " by establishing a B2 of competence in CEFR’s language levels for foreign language in non-university teaching (nursery, primary, secondary, post-secondary and vocational education) from the academic year 2013 / 2014.


CALENDAR of the tests (forthcoming calls)

Website with all the information on the placement tests (International Relations – Mobility Office)



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