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The University of Alicante closes the academic year with the presentation of 62 new doctorates

The UA President supports the University  "as the social project able to lead changes towards progress"

Alicante, 24th May 2013

The Auditorium of the University of Alicante has hosted this morning the closing ceremony of the academic year 2012-2013 in which the new doctorates who completed their doctoral programmes over the past year have been presented. Of the 154 doctors who read their doctoral theses over the academic yar 2011- 12, 62 participated in the ceremony accompanied by their sponsors. They were conferred their caps, white gloves and medallion from the UA President accrediting their new status, "the highest academic degree granted by universities", as stated Manuel Palomar, who has appealed to the etymological root of the word to highlight its connection with knowledge and research.


During his speech, the President has provided data that accredited universities as the third most valued institution by the public, only behind research and health services. He added that "we also must take into account, that most of the research is done inside the universities”.  With these premises, Manuel Palomar has supported the university "as the great social project capable of leading the change towards the economic progress and welfare, through training, knowledge and research", which can be translated "into the important contributions that universities make to society as a whole and should be taken as one of the essencial pillars on which the growth of our community is supported”.


The President has expressed his commitment to the employment and employability of young people, "something that is not only up to the universities” and, in his view, "it goes through the reorientation of economy towards new production models”. Palomar explained, in this sense, the actions being carried out from the UA, which pass through the creation of an Observatory for Labour Integration, the implementation of additional training and new itineraries for professional specialization within the new undergraduate degrees and greater training for employment in line with the business reality. He acknowledged the work carried out by the Director-General for Universities, Higher Education and Science, José Miguel Savall -also present at the event-  for his work regarding the Valencian universities mapping of university degrees, “seeking consensus and better match between supply and demand”.


"We take the challenges with an austere mood”, the President said, who used his speech to announce his presidency, during the next semester, over the Vives University Network that integrates 21 universities from four countries from the Mediterranean corridor with language identity.


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