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The University of Alicante reduces its electricity and water bills by € 240,000 in one semester

Thanks to the new measures implemented by the current management team


Alicante , November 19, 2013


According to the report of energy and water efficiency presented by the Vice President for Campus and sustainability, the University of Alicante has saved a total of 237,752 euros in electricity and water consumption in the first half of the year.

In energy consumption, it has saved 217,040.31 euros, 10.50% less than the same period last year, with more than one million kilowatts less consumed. In water, the saving was 9.41%, with a total of 18,309 cubic metres less.

According to the Vice President for Campus Facilities and Sustainability, Rafael Muñoz, the saving is due to the success of the conservation measures and the awareness implemented from the governing team, something that the UA President, Manuel Palomar already promised during the election campaign.

Regarding energy "the closing of building during the holiday periods, reducing lighting schedules and the on-off automation of climates, the installation of detectors, the replacement for low power and LED luminaire in vending machines, and the replacement of certain climate control equipment considering rational and energy efficiency measures has a lot to do”, he explains. Rafa Muñoz also calls on raising the awareness of the university community, "primarily on the staff at the reception offices" on the general lighting off buildings and greater use of natural light.

As for water consumption, “watering system has been designed in a way that switch on and consumption measurement can be split into several areas and increased prevention measures on issues such as scaling or cleaning filters”, Muñoz said.

The Vice President for Campus Facilities ensures, however that we can not lower our guard and we need to keep on implementing measures "such as updating the HVAC equipment in older buildings on Campus, according to a multiyear investment programme with energy and efficiency criteria and continue replacing lighting by LED technology in all lifts and automating their on-off system, disconnecting vending machines on weekends and holidays and, as for water, keep on splitting and automating irrigation areas where it is pending”, he explains.

Rafael Munoz, who recognizes the tremendous effort, prides himself on the success of the measures and the awareness raised on the university community.


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