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The UA Faculty of Education hosts the 16th National and the 2nd International Conference on Educational Research Models

Alicante , 3rd September, 2013

Globalization as an international phenomenon has contributed to change the characteristics of society and educational institutions. Thus, problems and dilemmas in the field of education, apart from being unique and singular, have been proved to be also global, that is to say, non exclusive of certain countries or systems. The University of Alicante will be hosting the 16th National and 2nd International Conference on educational research and innovation at the service of global, plural and diverging institutions at the Lecture Hall no. 2, on 4 , 5 and 6 September 2013. It will bring together both researchers coming from several Spanish universities and the Spanish-speaking international scientific community. Organized by the UA Faculty of Education and the AIDIPE Association, it analyzes and discusses the challenges that today's educational institutions and communities are facing. It aims to create opportunities for the exchange and discussion of new ideas, modes and action strategies to successfully meet the complexity of the problems affecting education today.

With the aim of coping with the profound changes brought about by the effects of globalization, education has to evolve, change and innovate, not only in order to prepare our young people for life in a global society, but also to help break the relationship that has been progressively established between the socio-economic growth and inequality. Therefore, educational communities need to adopt a global and plural approach in their projects, able to permeates the curriculum and teaching, although without losing its character and uniqueness. Globalization demands singular and, at the same time, diverse institutions to prepare students to live in a plural world. School mediators, conflict resolution in the classroom, prevention, physical and mental disabilities, new technologies, intercultural mediation are some of the issues revolving around the papers presented.

The Conference, which has five plenary lectures, simultaneous workshops, papers and posters, will be focussed on diversity, plurality and difference, both from a theoretical and a practical approach, as well as on a day-to-day basis, as this reality is seen currently in the Spanish, Hispanic and Latin American educational institutions and organizations and, by extension, in the broader society. Also, the programme emphasizes a pedagogy based on diversity, pluralism and equity, experiential knowledge and innovative practices for building plural and inclusive communities and environments.

The UA Office of the Vice President for Culture, Sports and its Service for Language Policies has collaborated, with the sponsorship of the Regional Department for Education, Culture and Sports, Alicante Convention Bureau (ACB) and the UA Unit for Gender Equality.




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