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Benedetti's personal book collection from Madrid is now available for users at CEMAB's new facilities

The CEMAB (Latin American Studies Centre Mario Benedetti) has inaugurated today the new venue at the University of Alicante with an area for reference reading of all the classified materials of the Library


Alicante, 16th September, 2013

The University of Alicante has inaugurated this morning the new facilities of the Latin American Studies Centre Mario Benedetti, after having completed the process of cataloging the personal collection from Madrid that the author donated to the UA. From now on, researchers, students, teachers and those interested can consult all the abundant material that integrates this library with more than 6,000 volumes “after a long process of cataloging bureaucracy where we have worked with great enthusiasm” according to said Eva Valero, CEMAB’s Director.

For this reason, the UA President, Manuel Palomar, has opened today the new facilities accompanied by Jorge Olcina, Dean of the UA Faculty of Arts; Eva Valero, CEMAB’s Director and by the deputy director of El País and also writer, Juan Cruz , a personal friend and editor of Benedetti.

The UA President, Manuel Palomar, has stressed the importance of having this meeting point at the UA, turned into a university area for study and reflection” and he has also said that "we want to strengthen relations with Latin America due to its international relevance and the CEMAB is essential to this goal”. Palomar also ensured that the UA is making a firm commitment for culture as an engine of progress.

For his part, Juan Cruz has described the opening ceremony as a "celebration of the soul" explaining that the UA "deserves having here Benedetti’s soul" due to the deep bond and gratitude that the writer had with the University of Alicante “because this University granted Benedetti the necessary consideration to his literary effort, combining all his aspects”.

Jorge Olcina, Dean of the Faculty of Arts, wanted to emphasize the need to defend the culture and our identity with events like this in the moments we live and he said that "areas like CEMAD are essential for both the Faculty of Arts and students" .

Finally, Eva Valero said that “the books needed a home and now they have it. The Latin American Studies Centre Mario Benedetti is a home of all and for all”. The facilities have been designed as a multipurpose area that has an area for reference material and a second area for hosting miscellaneous conferences, lectures and workshops.

As announced by Eva Valero, the month of May in 2014 will mark five years since the death of Benedetti and for this reason the CEMAB is already planning a series of activities honouring the poet.


Benedetti’s personal book collection from Madrid

Mario Benedetti, closely linked to the University of Alicante, offered his last gift to this institution in 2006: his personal book collection from Madrid consisting of more than six thousand volumes collected by the writer during his long exile, which started in 1973 and had been living in Spain since 1980.

The books that make up the Library reflect the author’s continuous focus on literature and society, Eva Valero says. Among the material now available on the CEMAB, there are editions with personal dedications to Benedetti by the authors, books purchased by Benedetti that demonstrate what his concerns and interests were, as well as notes in the margins of not a few of them, which expressed his attention to contemporary poetry and the society in which he lived. The Library includes three volumes by the author that have been newly published and immediately subjected to corrections and changes, which makes them of great interest to researchers, teachers and students.


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