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The UA intends to investigate the relationship between women's age and their social, political and feminist commitment

The International Colloquium on young women and commitment in contemporary history schedules international experts and researchers in women and gender


Alicante, 18th September 2013

The importance of age as a highlight in the history of women has been less reflected in historiography, even though youth has been a stage with its own identity in the life experience of many women who, without highlighted family responsibilities, could devote themselves to social, political and feminist commitment. Moreover, especially in the second half of the twentieth century, young people (both male and female) broke into politics and Western societies with repertoires of mobilization and interests. The International Colloquium on “Young Women and Commitment in Contemporary History” suggests a new approach to the study of women's active participation in the various processes of social, political and feminist mobilization in contemporary times that can help understand the role of young women in many areas of public life today.

The Colloquium is held on Thursday, 19th and Friday, 20th September 2013 at the UA Graduate Hall of the Faculty of Arts’ Building C, co-directed by lecturers Mónica Moreno, Bárbara Ortuño and Adriana Cases

The meeting will bring together leading experts in the history of women and gender in Spain, young researchers and renowned colleagues from several European universities and one American university. They have been structured around three blocks in which they will discuss the social commitment of young women in many different areas, the political commitment of the young women in different political cultures of the twentieth century, both in Spain and abroad. Finally, the last block will focus on feminism, understood as a plural and heterogeneous movement, but able to take joint action in defense of a horizon of equality and respect for difference.

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