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  • UA researchers will develop new material.. graphene for use in implant prosthetics

UA researchers will develop new materials incorporating graphene for use in implant prosthetics

Thanks to a collaboration agreement with iDental Hospital Corporation


Alicante, 4 December 2014

The UA has signed an agreement with iDental Hospital Corporation, to jointly work in developing new types of polymer-based dental implant prosthetics by adding graphene. 

The agreement will be carried out with the research group led by Professor in Inorganic Chemistry at the University of Alicante, José Miguel Martín Martínez in collaboration with the Departments of Dental Innovation and R&D+i of iDental Hospital Corporation. Currently, there are two doctoral theses in progress on this topic and one of the scientists of the research group at the University of Alicante, Maria Alejandra Moyano, has joined the company as the head of R&D+i. 

iDental Hospital Corporation is dedicated to the dentistry sector, mainly to implant prosthetics. 

The purpose of the agreement is that the research group should work on the design of new polymeric materials with higher performance than those currently used in the implant prosthetics sector. According to José Miguel Martín Martínez, an expert in adhesives and polymers, "we are developing new materials based on graphene containing polymers, which are much lighter and malleable, more toughness (ability to absorb masticatory impact) and longer lasting". It is a very interesting agreement for both parties since it will allow the research conducted to progress according to the actual needs of the sector. 

It has been years that Dr. Martin works successfully with adhesives and polymer components for medical purposes, which has allowed him to gain significant recognition internationally. 

The signing ceremony took place at the UA Council and administration building and has been attended by medical director of iDental G. Antonio Pellicer, responsible for Dental Innovation Miguel Angel Torres, and the head of R&D+i Alejandra Moyano. On the part of the UA, apart from its President, researcher José Miguel Martín and Registrar Aránzazu Calzada were attending the event. 

Among the most outstanding features of iDental Hospital Corporation we find its social entrepreneurship, which provides dental services to poor people and thus improving their quality of life, as well as its commitment to research and development. According to its medical director Antonio Pellicer, "we focus on the creation and use of our own technologies that allow us to generate intellectual property and progress in science, and nothing is better than counting on universities among our allies, where Alicante is a leader in this sector and inspires us to develop our ideas”. 

Also, UA president Manuel Palomar has stressed the importance of knowledge transfer, as one of our services to society. Palomar recalled that the Laboratory of Adhesion and Adhesives led by José Miguel Martín is one of the most outstanding worldwide. 

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