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Juan Mesa, new dean of the UA Faculty of Arts

Alicante, 9 January, 2014

Lecturer in Latin Studies, Juan Mesa Sanz is, from this morning, the new dean of the University of Alicante’s Faculty of Arts. The ceremony for the appointment of the new dean's team has been attended by a large audience, and this is why it has been transferred to the Multimedia hall of the Administration and Council building. The governing team, all deans of the faculties and the director of the Polytechnic School were among the audience.

The University President, Manuel Palomar, emphasized the "large experience in management and high levels of excellence and quality achieved by lecturer Mesa, which back him in his new career leading one of our oldest and most emblematic faculties, which was the origin -along with the Faculty of Science- of the current University of Alicante". During his speech , the UA president thanked the work developed by the predecessor in this position, Professor in Regional Geographic Analysis, Jorge Olcina, to whom the attendees devoted a standing ovation. Olcina, meanwhile , expressed his gratitude to both the former and current governing team, who acknowledged "the great prominence given to the centres and faculties" within the university governance.

The new dean mentioned the great challenge of the management "of such a complex and large faculty", a challenge, he said, that goes through "the defence of humanities, symbol of a culturally healthy society”. Juan Mesa commented on his determination for consensus and compromise, both his and his team’s, along with students, degree programmes and staff. Also, as the new dean said, "we assume the challenges of the current governing team on internationalization, quality standards, labour integration, … as our own ones".

Specializing in Applied Linguistics and Medieval Latin Philology, Juan Mesa is the chairman of the Spanish Society of Classical Studies in Alicante and has participated in numerous museum projects. He was director of Library Services and Archives and of the Doctoral Studies Centre at the University of Alicante, as well as the representative of the academic and research staff in the Governing and Social Councils.

The other members of the dean’s team of the Faculty of Arts appointed along with Juan Mesa are:

· José María Ferri Coll as the Academic Dean for Academic Organization & Postgraduate Studies.

· Elena Nájera Pérez, as the Vice Dean for Quality Standards and Equality Policies and coordinator of the undergraduate programme in Humanities .

· Juan Antonio Barrio Barrio, Academic Coordinator for Mobility and for the for the undergraduate degree in History.

· Eva Lapiedra Gutièrrez, Library Academic Coordinator for the academic degree in Library and for the undergraduate degree in Arabic and Islamic Studies.

· Javier Franco Aixelà, academic coordinator of Infrastructure and for the undergraduate degree in Translation and Interpreting

· Chelo Vargas Sierra, academic coordinator for communication and for the undergraduate degree in English Studies.

· Francisco Torres Alfosea, academic coordinator for Students and for the undergraduate degree in Tourism.

· Amelia Peral Crespo, academic coordinator for Culture and the extent to French studies.

. Ernesto Cutillas Orgilés, academic coordinator for Research and for the undergraduate degree in Geography and Planning

· Elisa Barrajón López, Academic Coordinator for Business Practices and for the undergraduate degree in Spanish Language and Literature.

. Josep Lluís Martos Sánchez , Secretary of the Faculty.


In the images, different moments of the appointment and the new dean’s team with the dean at the centre.


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