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The Marjal Healthy Chair of the UA, pioneer in integrated studies on healthy construction

Pictures from the presentation: left to right: Gerard Kuiper, Manuel Palomar, Francisco Gómez Andreu and Antonio Galiano


Alicante, 20 February 2014

The University of Alicante and the Marjal Foundation have presented this morning the MARJAL HEALTHY Chair, the first international chair of the ten that the educational institution of Alicante has. The Chair, which has its origin in the Sustainable Building Marjal Awards -later named Healthy Housing International Awards- incorporates new disciplines of study in different fields such as environments, habits and technological applications always in the context of health applications, which places it at the forefront of integrated studies on healthy construction. As the president of the Fundación Marjal, Francisco Gómez Andreu, has reported during his speech, the aim of this chair “is to become a place of reflection, debate and research of the different parameters of the healthy lifestyle, mainly of the necessities and concerns of international residents of Spain”.


The event, that will be lead by the president of the UA, Manuel Palomar, has counted on the participation of the director of Architecture of the Hogeschool van Amsterdam, Gerard Kuiper, whose centre will also take part in the Chair through the participation of its students in these awards. Kuiper has reminded that his bond with the University of Alicante started in 2004 with his participation in the Red Alfa Aurora, an international exchange programme in which both universities participated along with other five European and Latin American universities. The Dutch director has highlighted the importance of this new Chair, which is set on the common base for both universities and for the Foundation which supports it, “sustainability, quality and professionality”.


In turn, the president of the UA has insisted that these kind of alliances “strengthen the bonds between universities and companies and favour the mutual transfer of knowledge and experiences”. The president of the Fundación Marjal, Francisco Gómez Andreu, has explained that the chair will base its activity on teaching and research but has insisted that they want to introduce wider parameters to extend the possibilities of cooperation between the creators of knowledge and  those who, in the end,  must apply it to improve the quality of life of users”.


The act has been used to present Antonio Galiano, a lecturer at the department of Architectural Constructions of the UA, as Director of the Chair. Galiano made a retrospective analysis of the 8 years of relationship between the educational institution and the Marjal Foundation through the Healthy Housing Awards, which around 400 students from three universities have gone through and that, beyond any doubt, will keep on being one of the most renowned projects of the ones organised by the Chair.



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