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  • The University of Alicante grants its Eq..14 to the women five-aside football team

The University of Alicante grants its Equality Award 2014 to the women five-aside football team

The institution joins the international celebration of 8 March with different institutional, cultural and  academic activities


On 7 March, the UA Equality Square will host the official ceremony of the International Women's Day


Alicante, 24 February 2014

As every year, the University of Alicante celebrates the International Women's Day with a comprehensive cultural and academic programme to contribute to the celebration that will take place on 7 March, at 12 noon at the Plaza de la Igualdad (Equality Square), located in the basement of the Main Library , with the traditional reading of the Manifesto by the UA president, Manuel Palomar, and the representative for equality issues, María José Rodríguez.

During the ceremony, the UA women’s five-aside football team will be granted the Equality Award 2014 for their excellent sports career, their commitment to the promotion of women's sports and finally for their slogan "We are women, we are athletes, we have that power”.

The event will be spiced up by the performance of singer Inés Saavedra, at 11.30 am,  around the sculpture "Armonia”, which presides over the Equality Square.

Going back to the activities organized by the March 8 , outdoor concerts by women musicians will be held on 4 March. The two points where the concerts will take place are:  where the sculpture of the hand is, next to the University Council & Administration building and at the Rincón de los Poetas (Poets' Corner), opposite the Social Club II. Sandra Huesca, opera singer and Syla, hip hop artist will perform in both scenarios. Sandra HUesca will perform next to the hand sculpture at 1.30 am and Syla at 12.10 pm. In reverse order, at the Poets' Corner, Syla will perform at 11.30 am and  Sandra Huesca at 12.10 pm.. 

Also, within the musical activities , the UA auditorium hosts 'Melodías de Mujer' (Women’s Melodies) by Vocemmus. Feminine character in opera, a teaching lyrical project, focused on the female figure and the different types of women that can be found in the history of opera. Tickets are €5, available from Instant Ticket  and at the Compass book shop up to one hour before the show.

The same group will stage ''Romanzas de Mujer. El papel femenino en la zarzuela'.’ (Women’s romance music. The female role in operetta) on 6 March in Villena. The recital will take place in Teatro Chapí at 8 pm.

On Saturday, 8 March, quartet Mare Nostrum will give a recital at the university venue in La Marina, Benissa , at 8 pm. Mare Nostrum string quartet is made up by violins Carolina Martínez Báez-Otermín and Amelia García Gutiérrez, viola Igor Kovalchuk and cello Verónica Gómez Rubio, all of whom belong to the Philharmonic Orchestra of the University of Alicante.  

The auditorium at the same venue  will host a talk on women in the Spanish Sahara on Thursday , 14 March 14 at 7pm.



The Museum of the University of Alicante will host the opening of 'Mulier mulieris' in the exhibition hall Sempere on Wednesday, 12 March, at 7pm, which will remain open to the public until 17 May. Participation in this edition has increased over the last year, from 180 to 245 projects. The Arts Award, in its eighth edition this year, has selected 27 proposals for exhibition, made by 25 women and 3 men.

On the other hand, from 3 March, the university venue in Alicante city hosts the exhibitions "Dones de ponent", with photographs of Evarist Albert Mira and "Indignadas” (Outraged women) by Maria Acha- Kutscher.

In this space , Alicante venue, the presentation of the book "Transeúntes” (Passersby) by Inmaculada Castellote, will take place on Wednesday, 26 February at 8.15 pm  and on Thursday 27 February at 8.15 pm, a film series on women film directors will start. Finally, on 4 March, at 8.15 pm, a roundtable on women and arts will be held, with reflections on the role that women have been playing and still play in the arts scope from various aspects: artistic creation, management, market and art criticism.

Going on with seminars and debates, a table on women scientists in the transfer of knowledge will be celebrating on Thursday, 16 March at 11:30 am, in the assembly hall of the Germán Bernácer building and, at 5 pm of the same day in the same place, a lecture on women and their contribution to business management and administration will be run.


Also, the Women’s Studies Centre (WSC) presents a  course on food and nutrition for women and their eating behavior disorders which will be held from 3 to 11 March, and another course on female self defense and the legal aspects of gender violence, Mondays and Tuesdays,  from 17 February to 25 March.

Finally, as of 3 March, bookmarks marking the International Women's Day, with slogans on gender equality, will be distributed throughout the UA campus. From this date, the Vice President for Student and the Gender Equality Unit will launch a programme aimed at the secondary schools in the province promoting the equality between women and men.

The programme will be completed in the coming days and can be consulted on this website

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