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  • The 25th Biennial Meeting of Organic Che..undreds of scientists to the UA tomorrow

The 25th Biennial Meeting of Organic Chemistry welcomes hundreds of scientists to the UA tomorrow

Research is prevalent in many fields such as medicine, pharmacology, cosmetics and perfumery, food, lagricuture or industry

Alicante, 3 June 2014

We are Organic Chemistry. In fact, this is part of our daily lives, whether in the sweets we taste, the canned tuna we eat with preservative agents, the cosmetics and perfumery products we use daily, the biodegradable implants used in medicine, drugs, or the insecticides or pesticides used in agriculture.

In order to pool the knowledge and research in this vast field, around 250 experts are meeting in the 25th Biennial Meeting of Organic Chemistry from 4 to 6 June 2014 at the University of Alicante. The meeting is aimed at both organic chemists and students and will bring together leading international scientists in the field of organic chemistry. Over the three days, the experts attending will pronounce 6 plenary lectures, 8 lectures issued by many other experts invited, 55 oral communications of 12 minutes each in length and 111 presentations that will be borne by students. The event will take place at the Lecture Hall II of the University of Alicante.

Internationally recognised organic chemists Alexandre Alexakis, from the University of Geneva; Thornsten Bach, from the Technical University of Munich; Antonio M. Echavarren, from ICIQ Tarragona; Karl A. Jorgensen, from the University of Aarhus and Christina White, from the University of Illinois, will pronounce the plenary lectures. In the first session, the Lecture Award, sponsored by the pharmaceutical company Lilly Spain, SL, will be delivered to Dr. Mariola Tortosa, one of the plenary speakers. This award is intended to reward young researchers in organic chemistry for their professional and scientific careers. 

UA President Manuel Palomar will open the Biennial Conference tomorrow, Wednesday, 4 June, at 3 pm at the Auditorium Lecture II, along with Miguel Yus, director of the Biennial, Joan Bosch, chairman of the group of experts in Organic Chemistry, and Jesús Jiménez Barbero, president of the Spanish Royal Society of Chemistry. 

The research lines they are working on organic chemistry are many, and so their applications. All of them will be addressed in the seminar. They are asymmetric catalysis, which tries to mimic the behavior of nature for products with high optical purity; synthesis of natural products; development of new organic materials; medical chemistry, which studies any application of organic molecules to the area of Biology, Medicine, Pharmacology, etc; organometallic synthesis, dedicated to the mixture of organic compounds with metals; development of new synthetic methodologies; and computational organic chemistry. The aforementioned applies to the fields of medicine, industry, agriculture, pharmaceuticals, food and automotive industry.

The participation of internationally renowned organic chemists in the plenary conference is made possible by the efforts of the chairwoman and vice chairman, UA professors Carmen Nájera and Miguel Yus, respectively.



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