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Experts and companies will share water treatment research and technology on 18, 19 and 20 June at the UA

Odours is a new research line incorporated this year.

Alicante, 17 June 2014

The University of Alicante’s Institute of Water and Environmental Sciences organises the 11th Meeting of the Spanish Water Treatment Committee in collaboration with the Department of Chemical Engineering. The vent will be held on 18, 19 and 20 June 2014 at the Graduate Hall of the UA Faculty of Business and Economic Sciences.

META Network(Spanish Water Management Committee) aims to bring together experts in water treatment, both from universities and from research centres and companies, with the aim to present the latest research that is being carried out, encouraging dialogue, collaboration and the exchange of experiences, techniques and ideas. It is through these actions that they support the development of research and technologies in water treatment in Spain, a leading country in this field worldwide.

In the province of Alicante, and generally in the southeast of the peninsula, water problems increase due to some merging circumstances: resource scarcity, gradual desertification and increased needs. Consequently, it is necessary to optimise existing resources, import external resources through transfers from other basins, and promote desalination and wastewater reuse. During the meeting, we will be presenting up-to-date knowledge of what research groups are developing as well as some of the actions for water management carried out in the area. 

The scientific meeting will be represented by 27 universities and 18 companies, and 40 research groups in Spain, belonging to both universities and research centres related to water issues, will participate. The meeting is open to other external groups and private companies. For the time being, 120 people have registered and the the organising committee has accepted 107 papers, 40 of which are oral presentations and the rest will be presented as posters. META Organising committee’s chair is Daniel Prats, coordinator of Projects and Development of UA Institute of Water and Environmental Sciences. 

The topics to be discussed are emerging pollutants, physicochemical treatment, biological treatment, membrane processes, sludge and waste treatment, regeneration and reuse, industrial water treatment, other configurations and processes, environmental, social and economic aspects and finally as a novelty, the issue of odours. 

The programme is divided into four oral sessions and a session scheduled for Thursday, 19 June, where the latest developments of 2014 and 2015 calls on Horizon 2020 thematic water will be presented with a lecture on action for climate, environment, resource efficiency and raw materials by Lydia González Fernández, from the the Centre for Industrial Technological Development (CDTI), national relay centre for Societal Challenge 5 - H2020. This will precede the discussion panel on the requirements in collaborating companies and research centres for technology transfer with the participation of Ignacio Casals from Busto, Director of R&D+i at Hidraqua and AMAEM; Jorge Malfeito Sánchez, director of R&D+i at Acciona Agua; Domingo Zarzo Martínez, director of R&D+i Valoriza Agua; and Raquel González Herrero, director of R&D+i at Red Control. 

It is worth mentioning the inaugural lecture on water management in La Marina Baja region,  by Francisco Santiago Andres, chief engineer of La Marina Baja Water Committee, which is an exemplary water management. 

The meeting will be inaugurated on 18 June at 9.15 am by UA president Manuel Palomar Sanz, Alicante Council President Luisa Pastor Lillo, Vice President for Research, Development and Innovation Amparo Navarro Faure, META Network Coordinator José Mario Díaz Fernández and Daniel Prats Rico, coordinator of the Conference. 

The programme will be completed with two parallel visits on Friday, 20 June; one at a treatment plant in Benidorm, to see the water management system in La Marina Baja region; and the control and propelling systems and regenerating treatment at ERA in Benidorm. The second one will consist of visiting water management systems in national parks with industrial exploitation, at Wetlands South of Alicante, the salt mines in Santa Pola, La Mata (Torrevieja) and El Hondo in Elche. There you can see how natural reserves provide a service for water use.





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