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More than 120 researchers from around the world analyse the effects of radiation on solids at the UA


Alicante, 11 June 2014

During this week until Friday, 13 June, the University of Alicante brings together more than 120 researchers from 23 countries in the International Forum Cosires 2014 (Computer Simulation of Radiation Effects in Solids). A meeting held in Spain for the first time to discuss the simulation of radiation effects on solids. 

This week, the effects of radiation as diverse as microelectronics (computer chips), nanomaterials, applications in nuclear energy and even biological materials applications will be discussed at the Hotel Meliá. Eight invited speakers from leading research groups in this topic will present their latest findings to an audience of physicists, chemists and engineers.  

Also, there will be 50 oral presentations and 64 posters including presentations from both researchers and PhD students. In the case of Ph.D. students, an international committee will award the top three. 

This international forum is focused on the use of models, mostly computer simulations to understand fundamental processes that occur when a material is irradiated. For example, for the manufacture of computer chips an implantation with ions is used, and it requires precise control of the effects of the irradiation. Understanding the effects of irradiation in nuclear reactors is crucial to ensure the safety and feasibility of the reactor. An increasing area of %u200B%u200Bgreat importance is the irradiation of biological systems to understand the changes that may occur at the molecular level and their control.


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