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Singer-songwriter and poet Vicente Llorente pays tribute to Mario Benedetti at the University venue in Alicante city

This activity is part of the programme designed by CeMaB to honour the famous poet on the fifth anniversary of his death.


Alicante, 12 March 2014

The fifth anniversary of the death of Mario Benedetti will be on 17 May. For this reason, the Mario Benedetti Centre for Latin American Studies (CeMaB) has designed a comprehensive programme of activities around the poet which already started last February, with the creation of the Mario Benedetti Book Club, and will be completed in the month of June, 2014.

Framed in this commemorative event, the University Venue in Alicante City will host the "Tribute to Mario Benedetti: 5 years later”, on Friday, 14 March, at 8.30 p.m., with the performance of songwriter and poet Vicente Llorente. The tribute will offer a tour around the works of Mario Benedetti with original compositions Llorente has created for his poems and some of his other songs.

CeMaB's Director, Eva Valero, says the tribute to Mario Benedetti will be intensified over the coming months with the announcement of the 2nd Mario Benedetti Literary Contest (scheduled for April), the Seminar “Mario Benedetti and the communicating poets" (from 1 to 3 April), a public reading of his works (on dates close to 17 May, the date of his death) and the exhibition "Mario Benedetti at the University of Alicante (1990-2004). In Defense of Joy" (in May).



"Mario Benedetti" Book Club 

The CeMaB has started a book club dedicated to the work of Mario Benedetti, taught by Sergio Galindo, which opened last February and will end on 12 May 2014 .

With the aim of building new spaces for dialogue and reflection on his writing, the book club is developed in workshops aimed at sharing a selection of works by Mario Benedetti (short stories, novels and poetry), as well as at working with other modes of artistic expression, such as film adaptations and musical versions.

The CeMaB has made copies of selected readings, part of the writer's personal library,  available to students. Also, the teacher will show those students registered in the club the most valuable copies of the library, marginal notes of the writer himself, autographs and other materials.

2nd "Mario Benedetti" Literary Contest  

After the warm welcome of the 1st Literary Contest Mario Benedetti by the university community, the CeMaB will announce the second edition in April, in which the categories of narrative and poetry (in Spanish and Catalan), two of the major genres of Benedetti’s production, will be repeated. With this initiative, the CeMaB remains committed to promoting the interest in creative writing and to claiming the proper place that imagination should have the university space.

Seminar “Mario Benedetti and the communication poets”

From 1 to 3 April, the Seminar "Mario Benedetti and communicating poets” will be held. The seminar proposes an update of the the critical reflection on the poetry of Mario Benedetti and his contemporaries ((Juan Gelman, Nicanor Parra, Roque Dalton, Ernesto Cardenal, Idea Vilariño, Roberto Fernández Retamar) that Benedetti called "communicating poets", who make up what in the history of Latin American literature has been called "colloquial or conversational poetry”. Some leading authors of the literature written in Spanish in the recent decades, awarded with prizes as Cervantes (Gelman and Parra) and Reina Sofía (Benedetti), will be the main objective of the seminar. Organised by CeMaB, the seminar has the support of the Embassy of Uruguay, Mario Benedetti, the University of Alicante’s Faculty of Arts, the Chair Vargas Llosa and the Virtual Library Foundation Miguel de Cervantes.


Public reading of the work of Mario Benedetti

On dates close to the fifth anniversary of the death of Mario Benedetti (17 May), the CeMaB will announce a public reading of his work at the "Poets Corner" of the University of Alicante (outdoor amphitheatre opposite the lecture building I). The event is open to all those wishing to participate by reading a passage or poem chosen by themselves, although the CeMaB will also made available a selection of poems to participants.

Exhibition “Mario Benedetti at the University of Alicante (1990-2004) (In defence of joy)”

In May, coinciding with the fifth anniversary of the death of Mario Benedetti, the exhibition "Mario Benedetti at the University of Alicante (1990-2004) (In Defense of Joy)” will be displayed. The exhibition aims to be a journey through the words and images of Mario Benedetti at UA Campus and at the city of Alicante, with which to rebuild his friendship, his presence and generosity with UA, as CeMaB's Director, Eva Valero, stated.

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