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The Project 'Alicante 2025: A Healthy and Sustainable City' is born

The mayor of Alicante and the UA president signed the agreement of this strategic project to enhance the health and quality of life in Alicante


Alicante, 17 March 2014

The Mayor of Alicante, Sonia Castedo, and the President of the University of Alicante, Manuel Palomar, have started today, Monday, 17 March, the agreement to develop the Project “Alicante 2015: Healthy and Sustainable City”. By signing this close collaboration between both institutions, a long term project has been started with a common goal: implementing all the initiatives that will improve the sustainability of the city, and the health and quality of life of its citizens.


The UA President has highlighted the close collaboration between both institutions, with no precedents in Spain. "The city has some needs and the UA makes its assets available at the service of the city for mutual benefit”, Palomar said, who highlighted the work of a multidisciplinary research team, in which 20 scientific groups and more than 100 experts will participate. Coordinated by the Faculty of Health Sciences, the project will start with the detection and enhancement of the existing health assets in the city and promote them as to make the city of Alicante a model of habitable,  sustainable and healthy city, and thus, connecting the city with the ideal of living and quality of life. As for the draft submitted, Sonia Castedo remarked that a "great challenge of this century" is the implementation of actions to promote "not only to live longer, but to live better, and not only to live better, but to live better in urban environments as it is the case of our city, which has many potentials to allow us the development of an active and healthy life, but this requires strategic projects as the one we presente today”. "These potentials present in the city at various levels, which have already being analysed, have been presented by the Dean of the Faculty of Health Sciences, Ana Laguna, whose centre will coordinate the project. Experts have begun working on the 'assets mapping', initially in three districts of Alicante (Benalúa, Centro y Virgen del Remedio), where they search for areas to improve the population health and life quality. This first stage of the project is being funded by FIS (Health Research Fund) with a budget of 75,000 euros.


After the definition of the assets, the project is structured in three main areas: promoting active aging, the Alicante healthy heart programme and the implementation of new technologies in achieving these goals. Each of these lines of work have its own committee to monitor the progress of the actions. As explained by the mayor, the areas directly involved in this first stage of the project are the council departments of Health and Environment, Local Development Agency , Education, Trade and Markets and Urban Development, those directly involved in the project, although other areas may be involved in the future.


Both entities will start joint efforts to ensure that various projects will be included in future European and national initiatives, both for collecting funding and for promoting a connection to networks supporting the mutual sharing and dissemination of experiences. Both the University and the city of Alicante will also promote active participation in social and community networks: neighborhood associations, citizens' movements, educational communities, sports’ world, associations of patients and health professionals, business owners in the sectors of health, gastronomy and food, or the tourism industry itself, which will be an essential part from the beginning, in the diagnosis, development and implementation of the project.


A moment of the presentation of the project, which took place in the Board Room of the Alicante City Hall Sonia Castedo and Manuel Palomar exchange the agreements signed


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