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University of Alicante, a leader in educational research in the field of Nursing

The UA campus will bring together thirty researchers from 12 countries at a symposium on the CLES + T scale that measures the quality of student clinical practice

Alicante, 4 November 2014

In order to measure the quality of clinical nursing student learning, the University of Alicante is the first institution, nationwide, to validate the scale on "Clinical Learning Environment, Supervision and Nurse Teacher" known as CLES + T scale for its acronym in English. It is an instrument that - with a Likert scale, from 35 items - assesses five factors: the supervisory relationship, the learning environment in the nursing training unit, the role of the nurse teacher, leadership skills of the supervisor and the nursing principles learned by nursing students in the unit. 

As stated by UA doctors linked to the CLES + T Project, Mª Flores Vizcaya and Rosa Mª Pérez, their goal is that the clinical learning environment is appreciated and taken into account as a contributing factor to improving the quality of the teaching and learning process of nursing students. 

Specifically, they note that the result was very positive, yielding the highest scores on the factors related to the relationship with the nursing teacher, according to research data research with UA students. 


Scientific meeting

In the context of the work and research carried out by various international universities that use this tool, the University of Alicante hosts, from 5 to 7 November 2014, the 4th CLES+T International Reserach Symposium in the Faculty of Health Sciences. A meeting to discuss aspects of clinical learning environments that will be attended by 30 professionals from 24 institutions in the field of nursing from countries like Germany, USA, Spain, Finland, the Philippines, Greece, Italy, Lithuania, Norway, Netherlands, Sweden, Switzerland. 

During this biennial scientific meeting, which in the past was held in Finland, the Netherlands and Sweden, researchers will share and compare their progress and publications around the empirical studies that have developed by using the CLES + T scale.

One goal of the meeting is to link our research interests and keep on collaborating in the process of clinical training. Also, many institutions are, right now, using the tool in various contexts of the learning process in health sciences, as Mª Flores Vizcaya and Rosa Mª Pérez confirms. 

The Symposium will start on Thursday, 6 November, at 9 am in the Assembly Hall of the Faculty of Health Sciences. The opening ceremony will be attended by UA Vice President for International Relations, Juan Llopis; Associate Dean for Research, Doctoral Studies and International Relations, from the Faculty of Health Sciences, Maria Teresa Ruiz; Co-chair of the scientific programme and creator of CLES + T in Finland, Mikko Saarikoski; and Symposium Chair and lecturer in the UA Nursing Department, Maria Flores Vizcaya.


Full programme of the 4th CLES+T Symposium.



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