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The University of Alicante opens the building given by Banco Sabadell to celebrate the appointment of Gabriel Tortella as an honorary doctor


Alicante, 18 November  2014

The new urban space will be located at number 40 of San Fernando street in Alicante and will be made available for the UA from 21 November at 11 am, where the cession ceremony will take place at the hall of this historic building and will be attended by UA President Manuel Palomar and his management team, as well as Chairman of Banco Sabadell Foundation Miquel Molins and regional director of Banco Sabadell Jaime Matas. After a brief speech, a commemorative plaque will be revealed.

Economist Gabriel Tortella Casares is due to come around 11.30 am, who will be greeted by UA President. After the doctors dress with their sashes, the ceremony to appoint the honorary Doctor will be held from 12 noon in the auditorium of the building.

The ceremony will start with the reading of the appointment record, by UA Registrar Aránzazu Calzada, followed by the encomium of the candidate, by his sponsor, Professor Francisco Javier Vidal Olivares. After the appointment ceremony, Gabriel Tortella will read his acceptance speech to conclude the ceremony with the words of the  UA President.

The appointment of Professor Tortella was approved by the Governing Council of the University of Alicante past  14 April after the proposal from the Faculty of Business and Economic Sciences, started by the Department of Applied Economic Analysis.

The ceremony will be attended by several councilor from the city council of Alicante, including deputy mayor Antonio Ardid and General Director of Ministry of Education’s Valencian Agency of Evaluation and Planning, Jacobo Navarro de Peralta. Also, representatives from consular offices and scholars, including several professors from Complutense University of Madrid, University of Valencia and University of Granada, will attend the event.


The profile of the new Honoris Causa Doctor 

Economist and historian specialising in Economic History, Gabriel Tortella was born in Barcelona in 1936. Among other awards, he was granted with the Rey Juan Carlos I Award on Economy in 1994. He is currently Professor Emeritus in Economic History at the University of Alcalá de Henares and chairs the Economic History Association and the International Economic History Association. He is also author of countless articles in major journals in the world and some of the most referenced works in this area. He was the promoter of the Journal of Economic History and has chaired the Academic Advisory Council"of the European Association for Banking History.


A new university space

 The cession of the building by Banco Sabadell provides a new university space in the heart of the city of Alicante which, according to Manuel Palomar it primarily benefits the citizens of Alicante, who will have access to the academic, educational and cultural resources of the University of Alicante. As noted by the regional director of the banking institution, Jaime Matas, the agreement is a great opportunity to further strengthen ties with one of the most representative and prestigious institutions in our province, especially since the availability of this space to strengthen the already intense academic and research activity. On the other hand, we can manage all together to give greater dynamism and vitality to this urban landmark in our city. Finally, as Matas said, Banco Sabadell is a great satisfaction to help strengthen our undeniable link with Alicante, showing once again our commitment to this land.






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