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13th Spanish Meeting on Cryptology and Information Security brings international experts to the UA

Moti Yung, person responsible for security at Google, gives RECSI XIII’s opening lecture


Alicante, 1 September 2014

The group of Cryptology and Computer Security, University of Alicante organises the 13th Spanish Meeting on Cryptology and Information Security (RECSI), held, from 2 to 5 September at Abba Centrum Hotel in Alicante. This Spanish scientific reference conference in the field of ICT’s Cryptology and Security in Spain will bring together the main Spanish and other foreign researchers in this discipline, in order to share the latest research results . In this sense, as part of RECSI XIII programme provisions, Moti Yung and Juan Tena Ayuso will deliver the plenary lectures. The conference, held every two years, will host the presentation of 58 papers on topics such as security on mobile devices, network security and cryptanalysis.

Ensuring security within networks is a complex and multidisciplinary subject. Therefore, the meeting will include specialists from different disciplines, ranging from practical fields, such as security in mobile systems, to theoretical and mathematical aspects, such as quantum cryptography. 

Moti Yung is one of the persons responsible for security at Google, which developed the Android system, and a specialist in cryptography. Yung is the author of the concept "cryptovirology" which means to generate encrypted public key cryptography so that they are not intercepted by the usual detectors, being necessary a private key to find them. Juan Tena Ayuso, Ph.D. in Number Theory from the University of Grenoble (1973) and in Mathematics from the Universidad Complutense of Madrid (1973), is a professor at the University of Valladolid nowadays. 

RECSI organisers report that there are many variants of a virus. They highlight phissing as one of the main problems that are currently affecting information security. This software is based on pages that simulate the actual page of a company. Spyware is a program that gets into the computer or server and spy the keyboard to see the password; it does not ruin the computer but an antivirus software is essential for all of them. 

Ensuring information security is something that serves in many ways. As for the physical appearance, the main goal is to prevent someone getting into a system (perimeter security); then there are many more techniques and tools to ensure that security, as in the case of security of health data or health engineering. The UA will launch a new undergraduate degree on these contents soon. 

Cryptology covers two aspects, that of cryptography, which is the art or science which designs cryptographic algorithms or protocols; and, on the other hand, cryptanalysis, which is on the opposite side, and means to break the cryptographic algorithms, which is the way to break an encryption without the key. According to the organisers, it is a chess game.


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