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UA launches its cultural programme for 2015 first term.

The celebration of the 'Sempere’s Year', six theatre plays, ten music and one dance performances, and sixteen new exhibitions make up a programme for all ages


Alicante, 20 January 2015

The University of Alicante starts the year with a comprehensive and varied cultural programme (ACUA) for the months of January, February, March and April, plenty of all kind of proposals with theatre performances, concerts, recitals, new exhibitions and dance. Also, for the first months of 2015, Vice President for Culture, Sports and Language Policies has developed a specific programme with cultural activities to celebrate the "Sempere’s Year" an artist strongly linked to the UA through its Museum (MUA), where an important work collection by the artist resides.

In particular, we have designed three exhibitions and a round table on Sempere (12 February) to honour the artist, in this year dedicated to the dissemination of his leading figure and work:

- 60 anys de Geometria. VVAA.  From 29 January to 28 March. MUA’s El Cub exhibition hall. This exhibition covers a wide panorama of painters and works with a purely geometric or constructive nature, among which Sempere is included. This exhibition consists of 70 works by 58 artists from the Ars Citerior collection..

- La llum del Mare Nostrum. Tribute to Eusebio Sempere. VVAA. From 29 January to 28 March. Arcadi Blasco exhibition hall. UA Museum

It is a group exhibition of painter’s friends paying tribute to the painter’s land brightness [land] as the central theme, always present in his work. 20 artists from Ars Citerior collection

- Diàlegs. Tribute to Sempere. Late April 2015.- MUA collection (with 140 pieces of artwork on Sempere). It includes the graphic work of Sempere in dialogue with the other authors’ works, also from MUA collection. 


Theatre offer

The theatre remains a constant in ACUA programming, in a clear commitment to cultural dissemination, but also to its educational aspects. Trama theatre company opens this section representing La perrera (the kennel), work inspired in Tarantino's acclaimed film "Reservoir Dogs", on 11 February, at 8pm in the auditorium. On 25 February, La Fornal Teatre performs at the university hall of residence with El Gust és nostre (the pleasure is ours), a different show in Valencian, a funny bet to deepen our culture: characters, musicians, improvisation and popular verses. The theatre programme continues in March with the story of two characters to the limit, Teatro en Rojo (Portrait in red) (3 March. Auditorium, 8pm). La pols (Dust), by Llàtzer Garcia, will be represented in Valencian on 25 March at the university hall of residence (8pm) and 31 March, Milles gloriosus (Glorious miles), a work by Tomàs Mestre which will be on the stage for high school students (Auditorium 12h). The representation of Lokes closes this section, on 22 April at 8pm, at the university hall of residence.


Music and Dance

To mark the opening of the exhibition by Tomás Ferrándiz on 2 February, Núria Feliu will star in a recital of poems, accompanied by Mare Nostrum quartet (7.30pm. MUA’s El Cub exhibition hall). On 13 February, within the framework of the celebration of the World Radio Day and in collaboration with UA Polytechnic Radio, Naia and Arkano groups will offer a concert and Senior i the cor brutal will present their latest work El poder del voler (The power of wanting) on 28 February at 8pm, at the UA auditorium. The traditional concert from Cadena 100 radio station (artist still to be confirmed) will be displayed on 24 February. A concert for guitar and plectrum orchestra, Estàncies en la Serra Mariola (Stays at Mariola mountains), will follow by La Paloma plectrum orchestra on 27 February at the Faculty of Education at 8pm. A concert series from José Tomás Alicante Guitar Music Conservatory will start at MUA (with two more performances on 23 and 30 April), and a concert on great masters of the keyboard, with soloist Paula Coronas will go on 27 March at MUA’s multi-use room, at 8pm. Borja Penalva and Francesc Anyó will perform Estellés de mà a mà, on 23 April at the university hall of residence (12 midday). The music series will end with two music performances: Alba Carmona and Marta Robles with Alusiones al Mar (Allusions to the Sea)" on 24 April at 8pm at the MUA; and Silvia Perez Cruz and Raul Fernandez with their new work Granada, on 29 March at UA auditorium, also at 8pm. Also, Daniel Hernandez will star a contemporary dance solo with hints of Spanish dance, accompanied by video art, using the stage like an installation (11 March, at 8pm. UA auditorium).



In addition to the 3 exhibitions making up Sempere’s Year, the MUA has scheduled Arquitecturas para la Defensa de la costa mediterránea (1936-1939) (architectures for the defense of the Mediterranean coast), until 21 February (Multi-use exhibition hall), Artists of Valencia at Tomás Ruiz collection: Sobre paper (28 January to 28 February), Temps de guerra (War times) (1936-39) with works by Tomas Ferrándiz (from 2 to 18 February. MUA’s El Cub exhibition hall), Structural Point. Exhibition of architectural mock-ups at EPS-UA. (from 6 February to 28 March. MUA’s El Cub exhibition hall), L’Illeta de El Campello (El Campello Islet, in collaboration with MARQ, at Aifos exhibition hall in February 2015. CIBIO exhibitions: Insectos: un microcosmos de formas y colores (Insects: a microcosm of shapes and colours) at Aifos exhibition hall (March-April 2015), Libélulas del agua al cielo (Dragonflies from water to heaven) at Aifos exhibition hall (March-April 2015). Alcoy y Elda: vida e identidades europeas en transformación (Alcoy and Elda: European life and identities in transformation, at Transit exhibition hall. In collaboartion with University of Valencia (from 3 to 25 March), Spanish Generation of '14. Science and Modernity (Faculty of Sciences, organised by Acción Cultural. March 2015), Raúl Zurita: Escritura Material. (from 3 March to 2 May. El Cub exhibition hall. MUA), Photoalc 2015: Photographies by Irene Cruz. (from 12 March to 25 April. Multi-use room. MUA), Mulier mulieris. 9th Call for Visual Arts. VVAA. (from 13 March to 23 May. Sempere exhibition hall. MUA) and !5th EAC Meeting. 2015 Contemporary Art Meeting. MUA's El Cub exhibition hall (from 30 April to 25 July)

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