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  • 'Sempere' Year celebrations start at UA has prepared to honour the artist.

'Sempere' Year celebrations start at MUA with the opening of two of the three exhibitions that UA has prepared to honour the artist.

"60 anys Geometry" and "La llum del Mare Nostrum" open to the public with pieces from Ars Citerior collection





Alicante, 27 January 2015

The Vice President for Culture, Sports and Language Policies has developed a specific programme of cultural activities to celebrate the “Semper Year" honouring an artist strongly linked to the UA through its Museum (MUA), which hosts an important collection of his work. For this purpose, we have designed three exhibitions and a round table on Sempere (12 February) to honour this artist on the 30th anniversary of his death, in order to publicise this leading figure and work, a collection exhibited at the UA Museum: 60 anys de Geometria, La llum del Mare Nostrum and Diàlegs.

On Thursday, 29 January, at 7pm, UA President Manuel Palomar will open the first two exhibitions to pay tribute to Sempere: 60 anys de Geometria, La llum del Mare Nostrum, accompanied by Carles Cortés, Vice President for Culture, Sports and Language Policies and Javier Martín, curator of Ars Citerior collection.

Juan Fuster, Albano Hernández, Antoni Miró, Pedro Muiño, Mª Dolores Mullah, Pep Garro, Rafa Macarrón, Gerardo Gimona, Jaume Rocamora, Tomás García Asensio, Massimo Pisani and Ramón Urbán are some of the various artists that have confirmed their attendance at the opening ceremony exhibiting their work in this exhibition.

60 anys de Geometria will remain open until 28 March at UA Museum’s El Cub exhibition hall. This showing covers a wide panorama of painters and works with a purely geometric or constructive nature, among which Sempere is included. The exhibition consists of 70 works by 58 artists from the Ars Citerior collection and shows a tour throughout six decades of geometry in our country in two ways: the first includes artists who have worked on geometric lines throughout their life, as Jaume Rocamora has done, and a second phase that presents the works of those authors who have used geometry at some stage in their career.

The exhibition presents works by artists such as the aforementioned Jaume Rocamora (represented with two works from the first stage and a third work from recent years) or Tomás García Asensio (who belongs to a group of painters of the late 69’s who worked at the Complutense University of Madrid Calculation Centre). The oldest work in the exhibition dates back from 1957, performed by Equipo 57, with which a journey to the most recent years (2012-2013) is shown, with the artistic works of Robert Ferrer, Massimo Pisani, or Pedro Ramón Urbán muiño, among others.

La llum del Mare Nostrum will run until 28 March at UA Museum’s Arcadi Blasco exhibition hall. It is an exhibition of a group of artists who pay tribute to [to] Sempere with the central theme of the painter’s land brightness, always present in his work. The works are also part of the Ars Citerior collection and the works of 20 artists who worked at some time in their lives influenced by the same Mediterranean light that so often inspired this painter from Onil are also displayed here.La llum del Mare Nostrum. Homage to Sempere exhibits the works by several of the friends of the painter: Antoni Clavé, Josep Guinovart, Joan Hernández Pijuan, Joaquín Michavila, Manuel Mompó o Albert Ràfols Casamada. Works from authors born in the 20’s generation are also represented with Antonio Lorenzo and Vicente Vela, as well as those from the 40’s with José María Yturralde, Juan Manuel Fernández Pera and Antoni Miró. Authors from subsequent years, belonging to the so-called New Figuration such as Juan Cuellar, Dis Berlin, Pep Garro and José Luis Mazarío will also have their place.

A sample of most recent painting will be brought by Nico Munuera and also by Albano with a canvas after his trip down the Nile, Robert Ferrer with one of his boxes which shows an ever changing and expanding universe, Rafa Macarrón, with one of his works based on the Golden Ratio, and Gerardo Gimona, a painter from Buenos Aires settled in the region of l'Alcoià.


Valencia Region Ars Citerior Collection

Ars Citerior is a family collection that was first made up with graphic works by painters of the generation of Eusebio Sempere, with Abel Martin as their silk-screen printer, who began to keep for himself some of the copies he did for authors like Chillida, Barjola, Rueda and Saura Over the years, he was gathering unique original works from those friends painters, plus the works by Sempere, and also Millares, Torner, Salvador Victoria and Zóbel. At his death in 1993, these works passed on to his [his] heirs, for a few years until 1999, when this group of works were transmitted or sold to other relatives of Martin. It is from this year that part of the works were brought together and several family members planned to increase the collection as much as possible so that to make a solid collection in which they tried to fill some gaps with past works as well as with recent works by artists born in the twenties and thirties.

Therefore, we can say that the outstanding features of this collection are:

- Being composed almost exclusively of painting.

- Works by Spanish artists who have developed their work in Spain.

- Painting dating back from the second half of the 20th century up to date.

- The initial body is geometric, constructivist or concrete abstraction.

- Amongst the best represented authors apart from those geometric abstraction and the Cuenca group, we find Albano Hernández, Dis Berlin, Francisco Farreras, Robert Ferrer i Martorell, Joan Hernández Pijuan, José María Rafa Macarrón and Yturralde.

- The pieces are small and medium format. 

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