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UA presents outstanding graduate and postgraduate of the year awards within the context of the St. Thomas Aquinas celebrations

Amparo Navarro reported UA president’s excitement on the agreement of recovering historic debt and his proposal of moving towards the crystallisation of a financing act




Alicante, 28 January 2015

The University of Alicante has presented this morning its outstanding graduate and postgraduate of the year awards within the context of the St. Thomas Aquinas celebrations, patron saint of universities. UA President Manuel Palomar has been forced to delegate the presidency of this ceremony on Vice President for Research, Development and Innovation, Amparo Navarro, due to a last minute unavailability.

The ceremony, held in the auditorium, has been attended by University of Padua President Giuseppe Zaccaria, with whom a close relationship have been nurtured with both teacher and student exchanges between both institutions. The presidential table was also attended by Director General for Universities, Higher Education and Science, Felipe Palau Ramirez and chairman of UA Social Council chairman Francisco Gómez Andreu, who participated in the award ceremony.

A total of 119 awards has been presented the awards for their outstanding graduate and postgraduate performance (also from those those undergraduate degrees being phased out and a secondary award of the National Award for Excellence in Academic Performance.

While reading the speech in the name of UA president, Amparo Navarro recalled the intense experience of university life and invited the winners to act as permanent ambassadors of the values of tolerance, critical thinking and responsible behaviour. She said that our aspiration of access to scientific and critical knowledge of the various fields of human knowledge was represented in them.

Navarro, on behalf of the president, insisted on the satisfaction and gratitude of the five regional president[ ]s of public universities by the agreement signed with the Valencian government on the recovery of about 50% of historic debt, a total of 791 million euros. However, she insisted that the path has been started and she has proposed to advance on the crystallization of an act for university funding to allow the project led by the five public universities of Valencia to be a factual reality to maintain and improve teaching and research excellence. Paraphrasing UA Doctor Honoris Causa Avelino Corma (recently awarded with the Valencian government’s highest distinction), Navarro said that a wise nation is that which invests in what makes it great and respected as well as its citizens happier: education, social welfare, culture and research and technological development.


University of Padua

Founded in 1222, the University of Padua maintains an extensive relationship with our University with cultural exchanges of students, teachers and researchers through the Erasmus Mundus Programme.

During the speeches, two leaders expressed their willingness to continue this partnership in the field of innovation, international cooperation and research.

University of Padua President Giuseppe Zaccaria also explained that his university, one of the most ancient in the world, is known by freedom of thought both in its motto and tradition, for which it has always had to pay dearly. Zaccaria highlighted its international nature, usually place of students’ pilgrimage from around the globe, especially in the field of medicine and jurisprudence.

The University of Padua has traditionally been a meeting place for illustrious people such as Galileo Galilei, who was a teacher for 18 years. Also notable for being the first university that granted a degree to a woman, Elena Lucrezia Cornaro, in 1678 and, more recently, in 1945, it was awarded with the gold medal for military valour, symbol of the struggle for freedom against all oppressors.


The celebration ceremony of St. Thomas Aquinas keeps alive a university tradition dating back from 1880, when Pope Leo XIII proclaimed him as the patron saint of universities alive. St. Thomas Aquinas day is held at the University of Alicante since 1999

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