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  • UA San Fernando venue in Alicante hosts ..tant Banking Hack Day during the weekend

UA San Fernando venue in Alicante hosts Sabadell banking entity's Instant Banking Hack Day during the weekend

University of ALicante President Manuel Palomar and Sabadell Director for Centralised Technology and Administration Carlos Abarca will open the event

Over a hundred students will participate in this technology and innovation marathon on 21 and 22 February to develop new web and mobile applications for the banking entity


Alicante, 20 February 2015

Instant Banking Hack Day, the technology and innovation marathon organised by Sabadell banking entity, in collaboration with the University of Alicante's Polytechnic School, starts on Saturday, 21 February 2015 with a hundred and eight students enrolled. Participants, both actual UA students and some of its alumni with interest in digital banking will be hosted at San Fernando 40, the university's new venue in Alicante city, where the event will be carried out.

The goal of this hackathon is to promote talent and develop new ideas in the banking and financial sector through a collaborative development of web and mobile applications by using Sabadell banking entity's API technology. The competition will be held throughout the weekend on 21 and 22 February. Sabadell banking entity will make its wearables and DATA, as well as its API available to all the students who dare to renovate  digital banking.

The inaugural ceremony will be delivered by UA President Manuel Palomar and Sabadell Director for Centralised Technology and Administration, on Saturday 21 Feb at 9.30 am. The presentation of both the API and hackathon rules will follow at 10 am by Christian Cortés, from Sabadell Digital Systems. The competition will start on Saturday at 11 am and will close at 10 pm with the Hacking Night; it will be restarted on Sunday at 9.30 am and finish at 6.30 pm, time where the winners will be called out and their prizes awarded. The closing ceremony will be in charge of UA Vice President for Information Technology Francisco Maciá and Sabadell Director for Innovation Francesc Fajulal.

This 2nd Edition of Sabadell banking entity's Instant Banking Hack Day (#IBHD) was announced after the successful first edition, recently held in Barcelona, with the challenge of finding people able to improve innovative ideas and the experience of clients with digital banking by accessing and developing the entity's Open API and thus, using big data and state-of-the-art wearables. Participants in this hackathon can have access to Sabadell's API with the purpose of developing new web and mobile applications throughout an intensive weekend. By doing so, participants are offered the chance to operate with the entity's own computing data and systems, a unique occassion to handle the bank's platform and play with its coding system. Proposals should be innovative with a business plan attached and focused on three fields: Wearables, Data (operational datasets) and API Services. During the hackathon, participants will be assisted by mentors and experts technicians. One the projects have been submitted, an examination panel will assessed them and select the best project in each category.

The four awards are divided into: IBHD, Best Technological Design, Best Innovation Project and Best Business Idea. A €4,000 cheque is included among the prizes for the acquisition of computing material, and Everis training grant with the option to enter the company after the project is completed and advanced course at Deloitte CybersSOC Academy (valued at €2,500).





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