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The University of Alicante Repository is ranked among the 31 best in the world


RUA, an open-access reference portal for research and teaching, registered more than 10 million downloads in 2014




Alicante, 10 February 2015

According to the latest data from the Ranking Web of Repositories, the University of Alicante Repository (RUA) is ranked number 31 of 2154 worldwide repositories. It is also ranked number 15 within Europe, which shows it is one of the most well-known repositories in the international sphere.

As per the ranking of Spanish repositories, RUA gets the fourth place, just behind CSIC (Spanish National Research Council), the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona and the Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya. This means that, according to the ranking made by the Cybermetrics Laboratory, UA's is the third most important university repository, and the leader within non-Catalan universities. When it comes to institutional repositories, UA is ranked number 23 out of 2068.

In 2015, RUA's classification has improved in all categories: in only one year, it has gone from number 69 to 31 on a worldwide level; from 55 to 23 on an institutional level; from 41 to 15 on a European level; and from 6 to 4 on a national level. In the words of Javier Gómez, head of RUA, the tendency is positive because "the University of Alicante Repository is a national and international benchmark for open-access research and training, as shown by the growing number of downloads, which amounted to more than 10 million in 2014".

The Ranking Web of Repositories, an initiative of CSIC's Cybermetrics Laboratory, is a list of repositories that is mainly made up of research materials, classified according to a compound indicator that combines online presence and online impact data (hypertext visibility) obtained from the main search engines. 


Aim of the Ranking

The objective of this ranking is to foster "Open Access" initiatives, this is, free access to electronic scientific publications, as well as other types of academic materials. Web indicators used in the ranking measure the visibility and impact of scientific repositories. The aim of the project is to encourage publication on the Internet as a means to share formal and informal academic materials, always ensuring that the high peer-review standards are maintained. Data offered by the Ranking Web of Repositories are to be added to those compiled by Universities, Research Centres, Business Schools and Hospitals. 



The University of Alicante Repository (RUA) provides open access to complete digitised texts from documents generated by members of the UA community within their teaching and research activities. Its main goal is to enhance the visibility of the university's scientific and teaching production, to increase its impact and to guarantee its preservation.

RUA is a compilation of all types of digital materials: papers presented at congresses, work documents, teaching materials and learning instruments, journals edited by the UA, as well as documents and materials arising from the institutional activity carried out by its centres, units and services. 


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