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UA develops a new process for synthesizing a new family of molecules with dye properties




Alicante, 9 February 2015

Researchers at the University of Alicante have developed an innovative method for synthesizing new dyes with a new family of indolizine molecules, which has uncovered a more efficient synthetic route. 

The technology, developed by a group of researchers from the UA Institute of Organic Synthesis (ISO), is based on obtaining the molecules of interest  in a one-step process from commercially available materials with the advantage of increasing the final performance and reducing costs and waste. 

Indolizine derivatives have been relatively little studied compared to other more common, e.g. triphenylmethane or azo compound types. In this sense, indolizine derivatives have found interesting applications in recording devices and laser scanning, as well as thermography and photo-thermography, electrochromic devices, optical filters and photoelectric converters for solar cells. Its main interest is applied to patent protection of Japanese companies such as Fuji Photo Film, TDK Corporation and Sony Corporation, as Dr. Francisco Alonso Valdés, director of the Institute of Organic Synthesis and main researcher explained. 

According to Dr. Alonso, the technology is completely environmentally friendly, as it does not use solvents such as dioxane, pyridine, chloroform or benzene that are used in other processes involving high toxicity and proven carcinogenicity.

 Also, the compounds obtained show marked solvatochromic properties, ie their colour varies in solution depending on the solvent used. Similarly, they have observed that colouration in solid state depends on the particle size as reported by Dr. Alonso. 

The procedure has been carried out satisfactorily in the laboratory  and is reproducible with high performance at multi-gram scale. UA Institute of Organic Synthesis’ pilot plant is certified to work under GMPs (Good Manufacturing Practices) where industrial scaling is possible to produce multi-kilogram scale amounts.

The project has received financial support from the Valencian regional Ministry of Education, Culture and Sports by recruiting researchers and assigning them to a research and innovation results project.  Also, the Institute of Organic Synthesis has already signed two cooperation agreements with companies in the province of Alicante that have shown interest in the project.


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