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University of Alicante Science Park Foundation sets up its tenth technology-based firm

Applynano Solutions is aimed at developing ways to incorporate graphene into its customers' end products

The firm will produce high-quality graphene and byproducts, as well as solutions using this material


Alicante, 27 July 2015

The University of Alicante has set up the tenth technology-based firm in its Science Park. Applynano Solutions S.L. was created by Professor Ignacio Martín Guillón, from the Department of Chemical Engineering along with Iluminada Rodríguez Pastor and Gloria Ramos.

The firm will be devoted to the production of high-quality graphene and byproducts, as well as the development of graphene-based solutions. Graphene is by definition one of the bidimensional (2D) layers of graphite when isolated. Graphene's exceptional thermal optoelectronic, mechanical and electronic properties have made this material and its byproducts a powerful technology in a wide range of industries. Potential customers of Applynano Solutions S.L. include R&D and technology centres experiencing with graphene-based solutions, and firms (related to plastic industry etc.) willing to incorporate graphene into its products. The The firm mainly arises after having detected a chance in the field of graphene-based solutions as there is a real lack of connection between its production and the application to end users. In other words, there is a lack of firms devoted to the development of graphene-based applications co-working with customers with the aim of satisfying their specific needs.

Ignacio Martín highlighted that this firm is ready to start its activity with the aim of establishing a link between graphene production and nanomaterials to adapt them to the companies that will be using it in their material.

"The knowledge we have at the University enables us to work closely, detect business problems and prepare ad hoc products for potential customers while also producing nanomaterials as a mark of our knowledge and we will market it afterwards" Martin stated after signing of the articles of incorporation of the new company into the science Park of the University of Alicante.

Science Park Director Joaquín Marhuenda emphasized the importance of promoting entrepreneurship from the knowledge generated at the University of Alicante, both for its service to society by transferring lab knowledge to its practical application, and its formula, which allows the institution to keep in direct contact with the companies created in this area from the research work performed.




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