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Marta Macho, new ambassador for the University of Alicante's commitment to effective equality between women and men

She has been granted the Gender Equality Award 2015 for her teaching and educational work to make the contributions made by women visible to science and society.




Alicante, 6 March 2015

As a result of her academic profile and her development of teaching, research and dissemination activities in areas not normally associated with women, lecturer Marta Macho is and will be one of the best ambassadors for the University of Alicante's commitment to effective equality between women and men. With these words, UA President Manuel Palomar has handed out the 2015 Gender Equality Award to lecturer Marta Macho during the official ceremony held around the commemoration of International Women's Day today.

Moved by these words, lecturer at the University of the Basque Country Marta Macho thanked the award to UA departments of Mathematical Analysis, and Statistics and Operations Research that proposed her for the award and yielded a beautiful tribute to the many women forgotten in the history of science by the hand of Sophie Germain, star of Eduardo Galeano’s text. 

Macho claimed as throughout history how women have been in the background as well as the relevance of publicising female leadership models for our young women to be encouraged to study science. The struggle is still on, she concluded. 

During the awarding ceremony, delegate to the UA President for Gender Policy and director of the Gender Equality Office, Mª José Rodríguez, has revealed that the largest differences are seen in the participation of women in public life, according to the latest edition of the World Economic Forum. As extracted from the 2014 report, Spain is ranked in place 29 in the overall ranking of the 142 countries measured, 19 places below the position reached in 2010. This means that during the nine years that gender gap has been tested internationally, only small improvements have been made in the workplace.  

Let us take the scarcity of women in public life as an argument to contextualise today’s relevance of handing out the 2015 Gender Equality Award to Marta Macho and also as an excuse to contribute to the visibility of women in general with gender equality policies, as stated by Rodriguez.  

The award ceremony ended with the projection of UA comes face to face campaign, a live performance by David García, the student who performs the voice-over and lyrics of the spot. The campaign enhances the values of education and training in all education stages and cycles as the best strategy to achieve an equal society. It also seeks the involvement of our community and the Alicante society and provides resources and information to secondary and vocational education centres to promote a culture based on the principle of gender equality, as stated by Palomar.


Marta Macho

A PhD in Mathematics from the University Claude Bernard Lyon I (in France), an expert in geometric theory of foliations and noncommutative geometry. A lecturer in Geometry at the Euskal Herriko Unibertsitatea’s Department of Mathematics. Marta Macho devotes much of her activity towards science, and mathematics in particular, in various fields and both cultural and educational centres with the firm intention of bringing science to students and the public at large. She disseminates science on different blogs, most notably one devoted to Women in Science, assigned to her University’s Chair for Scientific Culture.

Since 2010, she is a member of the Commission for Gender Equality of the Faculty of Science and Technology, at the University of the Basque Country and previously participated in the Committee on Women and Mathematics of the Royal Spanish Mathematical Society (CSER), leaving proof of her work at this committee in the Conference held in 2008 at the University of Almería on women as science innovators. Macho presented the thirty-fifth mathematical challenge of El País newspaper in 2011, in the context of the celebration of the centenary of the Royal Spanish Mathematical Society. 

One of the foci of her work on science is the presence of mathematics in literature which led her to study the scientific content and the mathematical structure of texts in novels, comics, poetry and plays. She is also co-author of Mujeres en la Ciencia, a tutorial about the role of women in the history of science



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