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The University of Alicante is promoting the creation of a new technology-based firm

Lucentia Lab will provide intelligent business solutions for companies and help optimise their resources

The new company was constituted on Monday by Manuel Palomar, as the chairman of the UA Science Park Foundation, and other partners


Alicante, 17 March 2015

The new technology-based firm saw the light on Monday led by Lucentia Research Group, from the University of Alicante’s Department of Computer Languages and Systems. It is number eight of the TBFs emerged from the University and confirms its commitment to technology.

Lucentia Lab, the name of this new firm, will offer intelligent business solutions for companies which will allow them to optimise their resources. The promoters of this initiative stand out for the use of their own tools as well as a method specifically implemented for the company’s goals, which are clearly those focused on customised solutions for each client.

The main promoter of the company, Juan Carlos Trujillo, highlighted the multidisciplinary aspect of the company’s human, which includes experts in economics, intellectual property or psychology, among other disciplines, and thus, allows us to address the needs of the different companies both multidisciplinary and comprehensively.

The solutions offered by Lucentia Lab will appeal to large companies with strategic plans that require a comprehensive and accurate monitoring of their development, analysing key indicators to obtain relevant data so as to take the appropriate decisions based on their needs. Though it is also addressed to those SMEs willing to know the operation precisely.

According to Trujillo, one of the keys of the new firm promoted by the University of Alicante is its multidisciplinary nature since far from setting isolated indicators from one department or another, we work with a comprehensive view of the company, with data showing how our decisions affect globally, providing specific indicators.

In this sense, the main promoter of Lucentia Lab emphasised their commitment to Big Data technology, an extra asset for retrieving relevant information complementing the internal data to support the strategic decision making.

With the official constitution of the company on Monday, Lucentia Lab is now a reality and begins its journey with all the tools ready to run. Apart from contacting potential customers, the new company plans to develop a massive open online course (MOOC) to publicise the technology they use.

The ceremony for the constitution of the company was attended by University of Alicante’s president as the chairman of the Science Park Foundation, Manuel Palomar, Science Park director Joaquín Marhuenda, and Vice President for Research and Development Amparo Navarro, along with business partners Andrés Pedroza, Manuel Desantes, Manuel Marco and Pedro Pernias, and its main promoter Juan Carlos Trujillo.








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